One small button that changes some QoL for people with base game :)

Hey ya’ll just wanted to let you guys know one thing.

I am currently running just base grimdawn, i bought it during a steam sale and ive fallen in love and will be buying all the dlc as I can afford over the course of the year. However, I noticed one small QoL thing that changed with the current patch for people just running the base game that I figured I would let you all know.

Apparently with the dlc there has been some work done on the stash page that doesn’t effect the base game. Because of this I am missing a transfer all loot to inventory button that is in the dlc maybe? (i am going off of information given to me from different reddit users when i brought this up on the patch thread on the grim dawn subreddit). Everytime i go to transfer my crafting components to my stash now, i have to manually drag and drop them all now, hit the arrange inventory button, then manually place the stacks on top of each other as the button does not combine incomplete stacks, it merely places them next to each other. Before i could hit the combine component button and it will combine all the complete stacks together as well as combining the shards.

Sorry for super long run on sentences and if you need a better explanation please just ask away and I will try to explain as best I can. Its just a small thing but it adds up over time as I continually go back to my stash when i sell gear and drop off components. Small annoyance that will cause eventual resentment xD.

The overall update has been amazing, thanks for the game you wonderful people :slight_smile:

-A Fan ^.^ - this is what base stash looks like and the only buttons available to me now with the current patch for those wondering what i am talking about that own the dlc. Steam version, have verified and reinstalled fresh to see if it would magically make the buttons appeared but it didn’t haha.

There is the Move Components button, which might not be added (easily) to the base game.

Hold SHIFT while you left-click the components in your bags, so that they can be added to your stacks in your stash.

That is still more work than just pressing that one button, but significantly less than what you are currently doing. And if you are not pressing the sort button, you can also have a custom system.

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