Online Coop: suggestions for better visual teammates recognition

Dear Crate Devs,

I’m quite new to Grim Dawn, just a little 50+ hours of gameplay. Fan of ARPG, I’d like to congratulate you about your game, great work! Some suggestions follow to improve the multiplayer side.

I’m playing it with a friend thanks to online coop since we bought the game. I’m a tank soldier and he’s a caster, so I need to take high damage while he’s doing the main DPS of the game. Well, sometimes in dungeons or dark areas, I do not see exactly where he is when he is not casting, if he is surrounded by creatures, so here is my suggestion: adding an option to show the name of our coop friend just above his character, eventually a kind of spotlight so that all tank players knows when to make a Blitz and generate more threat to take back the monsters.

This could be really helpful :wink:

Thanks again for this great game!