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First of all I would like to praise your work infinitely with our beloved and beloved Grim Dawn, but I come here with constructive criticism.
Game Grim Dawn since its launch, is my favorite game and game until today, but beforehand I played Diablo 2, Diablo 3 and finally Path Of Exile. All of these games are of the same genre, but I still stayed in Grim Dawn for identifying me more. But I would like to make an appeal to you, and I do this because I really like the game, because I’m not a forum post. I come here to ask you to rethink how our game is in the online part. Unfortunately this part of the game leaves a lot to be desired for me and for several people, the reasons are: Trade ultra weak, you can not negotiate with NOBODY inside the game, because it did not have a dedicated server. I am Brazilian, you may notice that I am doing this post by google translator, and there is only one group of the Brazilian community about the game, and even then it is very rare for you to negotiate in these groups, since most do not play. That is, you can not change your items and interact with people, asking for help or marketing.

Second reason: Reach, with a server you would reach a gigantic sea of ​​people, making the game gain credibility and visibility, something that unfortunately has not had much.

Third reason: Today, in our current generation of games, the importance of an online system with a server is remarkable, since games of this genre end up being complex to play alone, both for novices and veterans, and when I say complex I mean the system of build, items and trading.

Fourth reason: Competition, obviously no one creates a game of such a genre and likes to see another passing his leg on it does not it? Unfortunately the community of Grim Dawn infinitely loses to Path Of Exile because of not having a decent online system, causing the game to become dead somehow starting from that wanted.

Fifth reason: Friends. I have friends in the US and I can not play with them on account of being HOST, I have tried programs and it still did not work. Everyone knows how fun it is to play with friends, and this for me and a lot of other people here is not right either.

Anyway, I hope administrators will reflect on how much a dedicated server in the game would help, both in the trade and in the game itself. :smiley:

Supporting closed servers would cost around the same as making GD in the first place, according to an old rough estimate by the devs.

I think you grossly overestimate the number of people that want closed servers, the vast majority does not care for them.

Given the cost involved and the limited appeal, it is just not worth it to add them. If they had been there from the start then maybe they would have made a difference (personally I doubt they would even have broken even on that) but adding them this late virtually ensures that the money is wasted conpletely.

Agree completely, the game was sold as offline SP with MP just for fun and I have no interest in adding online with servers, any game I play that does have these, is only because there’s NO option to play offline.

Servers are not required to create a complex gameplay.

Considering the sales of GD I fail to see the lack of “credibility and visibility” that you claim come from not having servers

Finally GD ISN’T COMPETITIVE…!!! and I have spend hundreds more hours in GD that I ever will in PoE (played PoE since start of closed beta)

Nuff said - agian.

This topic comes up from time to time.

The same tired arguments get fired from both sides.

You can search the forum for my responses to this discussion in the past, but the short of it is that Grim Dawn is singleplayer first and multiplayer is not nearly as big as some would think.