Open Beta for SpellForce 3: Fallen God

Neither the cinematic trailer nor the website does look very promising. Is the presentation just bad or is the game not worthwhile? Are you playing it?

No, I just picked it up from the THQN discord since it’s one of their games.

Hidden on you find the release trailer, which mentions it is an RTS. Man, they could be a little bit more upfront.

The Steam page seems upfront about it at least…

and the “timeline” section on their website, just above the “media” section, seems to cover that notion clearly…

…which seems to imply that Spellforce, as a series, is known to be an rts/rpg “blend” already.

I did a text search, but it does not take you to the timeline. Anyway, the presentation puts me off.

Might wait for this, looks fairly decent, but won’t get it until its fully out.