Operencia: The Stolen Sun

What a nice surprise for Might&Magic fans. Game look fantastic. Unfortunately not in Steam ATM for god know what reasons =(

That’s because it appears Zen Studios has an exclusive deal with Epic:

I’ve been eyeing it up since I noticed it on there the other day. Love my PinballFX2 & 3 games by Zen… own every single table (about 80 or so of 'em). I’ve never played any other games they’ve made… not even sure if they have done anything else except for Operencia.

Liking the artstyle on the game tho.

I am interested in it. Loving the artstyle, too. But damn, Epic strikes again…

Played for some time.
Art is superb, whoever worked on it deserve a deep bow of respect. 10/10
Writing is bearable, but kinda senseless. Story is bland ATM. Combat is boring, dunno why this game need a combat. Exploaration is superb.

So great art. Great exploration. Everything else, meh… how about the puzzles?

And honestly I’m not surprised with the artwork… their pinball tables always have excellent art. And I guess I’m not surprised about the rest… they’ve only mostly ever done pinball lol.

Generic puzzles for 9y.o children.

Awe… how far in are you?