Opinions on Arcance Bomb(Widow) and Dryads Blessing wanted

I play an AAR/CT Battlemage with Arcanist as main(obviously)
I recently switched my Devotions from
CT: Aetherfire
AAR: Fissure to Arcane Bomb
Blitz: Meteor Shower to Dryads Blessing
Healing Rain as new passive

So my question is what are you opinions on dryads blessing?
It got low cd but currently only heals for 600hp i got 8,5k hp and 600hp feel kinda like nothing…
For defense i got TurtleShell, Giants Blood, Healing Rain plus Dryads as active skill but with 100% proc chance on Blitz

Also i got the feeling Arcane Bomb doesnt really add any benefit, for resistance debuff i got band of eternal haunt (10% on hit for,15% aether ressistance) + Viper Debuff and Solaels Flame.
The damage compared to fissure is only a fracture…

I could probably switch widow and dryad to Magi (fissure).
Which will reduced aether dmg but push fire dmg, and also give me way more damage from fissure compared to arcane bomb…

I will add grim calc link and character specs later if needed. Grimcalc is a pain on the phone…

Arcane bomb has -33% at rank 15 compared to your -15% from the ring.

Dryad is best used on a spammable skill, so either bind it to callidor or I don’t know what. You can even leave aetherfire unused, its not the most useful proc.

Already got the max out of dryads by binding it to Blitz cause their CDs match and it got 100% proc chance.

Btw do solaels flame and Arcane bomb stack ?

Solaels Flame
68 Energy Cost
8 Second Duration
1.5 Meter Radius
44-136 Chaos Damage
30% Reduced target’s Resistance For 1 Second

The armor reduction icon shows for the full 8s but it says it only lasts 1s.

Another thing do bosses have high resistances, i mean i killed countless already but i still dont know how much resistance, armor hp they got. So i kinda lack real comparison but trying and experience if this “feels” faster or not…


Another thing do bosses have high resistances

Certain bosses have high resistance to certain damage types, but most of them don’t. There is some data on that http://grimcalc.com/monsters

I play as sorcerer and I am very pleased with Arcane bomb. With Aether ray it procs very often and deals nice amount of damage. As for dryads blessing, I cannot find reasonable usage for it, it procs from flashbang, which I dont use very often and its not restoring too much health even if I dont have too much of it. But my dryads blessing is low lvl now, maybe I should upgrade it more too see better effect

Okay thanks, btw does anyone know how resistance reduction is applied ? Is it flat ? Example Boss got 30% Resistance to Aether, i got 33% Aether resistance reduction, does the boss have -3% or 20% after reduction got applied ?