Option to reduce visual clutter: Auras

I’ve seen this mentioned on other forums before: our characters become very hard to see at higher levels once we activate several permanent effects such as auras.

We essentially turn onto walking clouds of multi-colored effects, rendering our actual armor and weapon visuals pointless. The visual effects for many of the auras are excessive for no reason at all. Do I really need a giant red cloud obscuring my character when I’ve got Possession on? I understand why skills such as Sigil need a visual indication marking the target zone, but auras don’t need large, stacking, overly-flash particle clouds. Then you get even more effects plastered all over your character as item procs activate.

Example: my current Cabalist isn’t running a lot of auras and she still looks like three swarms of bees having a paintball fight on a disco floor.

An option to turn off the visual effects on these abilities, or at least turn them down, would allow us to actually see our characters properly at medium/low zoom levels. Apart from being a lot more visually pleasing, it would probably also present a performance gain on lower spec hardware.

Thank you for reading, and for the great work you put in.

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There’s an option in visual settings, to reduce the density of particle effects. It’s called simply “particles”. Set it to low, they put it in precisely for this reason. It helps a lot with auras and procs, there’s a huge difference in visibility between low and high particle setting.

Hi, I’m aware of that. It’s too general: it affects everything and generally makes the game look worse. I’m specifically talking about the turning the effects that permanently obscure your character off. The effects from activated skills are fine.

I had to turn off post processing because of not being able to see through a lot of the garbage. On one of my chars its so bad I actually removed the aura I didn’t like. I would also like a way turn down spell particles or maybe turn them off so I can see whats going on & see what the monsters are doing better. My particles are already on low & post off because of this. When I turn post off it dims my game I don’t like that.
Thanks for fixing the crash on changing video settings that is working correctly. I learned about turning off post because I have troubles seeing in the void. I would also like a way to make the void more visible I know its suppose to be dark. But peeps like me have trouble I need better contrast to see whats going on.