Option to turn off XP for Crucible

I’m really loving this dlc, except for one major disappointment: not being able to twink a low to mid-range toon out due to xp gains. Should give us the option to turn off xp rewards if we want to just keep a static leveled toon. Gives the players more options on how they want to play or do searching for low level items. Thanks.

That’s something that you’ll use a mod to solve as I cannot see that being in the main game.

I have already looked and so far, there doesn’t seem to be a mod that does this. Secondly, this would be an easy implementation for the devs to do. While the majority of the player base may not care about this option, I’m sure there are still a good number of us who would like to have the chance to twink particular toons.

Old school players from D2 or WoW will remember when you could twink out low level toons for pvp. While this would not be the same thing for the crucible, it would be the next best thing in my opinion.

this is a brilliant idea- it would give mid-level toons a way to farm loot without breaking their faction/devotion/level progress in the main game.

Warsong PVP 49 twink, good times were had.

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Just think of all those cool, low and mid level sets that we could dust the cobwebs off, and put to use in the Crucible and not have to worry about them turning obsolete if we had the option to turn xp off.

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And another mod is born:


it works great; thanks so much jiaco! I’ll keep this thread alive as I still hope to see Crate incorporate an option for xp on the Crucible. to me, seems like a no-brainer for all of the advantages this brings to Crucible game-play.

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You guys realize there is already a mod that does this and much much more to make the crucible much more fun to play, right?


Talk to the tribute NPC to toggle on and off easily in game. Drag and drop to install. Plus it makes the crucible not terrible in many other aspects. Must have.

Some nice implementations in this mod, including the no-xp option, but these are really some easy things that should have been/ be incorporated by the Devs into their DLC.