Orcs Must Die! Unchained

Just started playing this game, and honestly, I don’t know how to fell about it.

I’ve played a lot of OMD 2 because a friend on Steam recommended it, and we beated it together. Him placing a f***ton of guardians and traps while I placed some traps and used amulets and the sword to go head-to-head against the horde. Good times…:smiley:

Then they announced OMDU…

…and them they said it was going to be a MOBA.

Useless to say, I didn’t took those news kindly.

Well, it was not going to be exactly a MOBA, it was going to be an hibrid between an MOBA and the OMD formula. But even so it was two types of games that really didn’t go well IMO, and that was further proven by the fact that the PvP mode flopped and the devs decided to focus on Survival mode instead, which was more reminscent to the other OMD games.

Their re-focus on PvE was what rekindled my interest on the game, but my first impressions are mixed and not much favorable. Matches are too fast (which is somewhat understandable since they are focusing on it being online), and the way you earn and upgrade traps/guardians/stuff in this game makes me feel they want to rip your wallet.

But I’ve played very little of the game, maybe I need to play more to see if I’m mistaken, or to be disappointed way more that I am right now. Curious to see what your guys think about this game.

Just throwing this out there, but we don’t need reaction gifs or jpegs cluttering the posts.

I played the first two games and they were pretty fun, but never on the level of Dungeon Defenders. MOBAs were fun, but I couldn’t ever get into them fully because of the communities, so it looks like I won’t be getting the next OMD.