Outcast's Secret - Drop Location ?

i heard that the Helm “Outcast’s Secret” can drop from any boss - at an other post i read that ONLY Anasteria can drop “Anasteria” …

iam now wondering - what is right ?

ONLY Drop from Anasteria ?
OR dropable druring farming other bosses too ?

thx for answering

In the main campaign only Anasteria can drop it. In the Crucible it has a chance to drop at the end.

ah interesting …
thx for the answer :wink:

You have to be Nemesis rank with Outcast before she can drop it.

Only if you got Anasteria as one of the kill “on the way” if I’m not mistaken also for Crucible

I got one of these from crucible - aspirant after wave 150. Crucible doesn’t care if you are nemesis either - I have max friendly rep with her currently on that char.