Overguard question

I am obviously missing the obvious: In my skill overlay, Overguard lists wonderful defensive bonuses for shield-users, but I don’t see how this skill causes or modifies my damage output at all. But apparently it should, because the transmuter Markovian’s apparently lessen’s its damage by -18%, and I see people suggesting that keeping Overguard up increases their damage output. How can that be? Thanks

It doesn’t lessen the skills damage, it reduces your damage. Overguard has no damage component on it’s own, you see it right.

There are some mythical items, which give some bonuses to Overguard.






Hey thanks much - but I still don’t get it. Those items give things like “+x% bonus to physical damage to overguard” - but if overguard does no damage, what is that applied to?

It gives a temporary buff to you when Overguard is up