Overlevel and Droprate, help needed

I was preparing my first Char for Ultimate, as part of this i farmed the sacred grove but after making some more level i got the impression that the droprate is reduced if you’re at the same or above the level of the mobs.

Now…with 5 level above the normal Mob…they drop nothing, Heros drop some mats/gold and very rarly greens, subbosses are not much better. Only the chests still give epics+.

I knew that you don’t get rare mats if you’re overleveld but i read several times that droprate is random and the droplist is tied to the mob…but my experience from the past days is the opposite.

Does somebody how if dropchance/level-difference are related ore not?

The higher level you are the less drops you get. That’s the main “rule” of GD. This is why monsters usually are 5 - 12 levels above you.

Your level relative to monster level has zero effect on drop rates except as it relates to ‘purple’ crafting materials - those stop dropping if you grossly outlevel an enemy. (Like 10+ levels though, its hard to do on accident)