Overstacking penetration

So… I was running to crate today and got rather… Interesting drop. Sinister Bonebleach Halberd of Celerity(increase armor penetration to 141, highest roll! Lowest celerity roll on other hand). And I understand that I never though about such case. What happens when weapon with base armor piecing gets bonus to armor piercing which bumps it over 100. Is it capped on 100 so overcap is useless? Or will I now additionally multiply my physical damage on conversion?


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Damn. Absolutely useless double rare MI then

The “celerity” is what makes it useless (unless you wanna do pierce forcewave or something)

But why is flat pierce damage, cunning and race damage to humans useless?

btw all conversions works like that, you can not convert more than 100%

But penetration, I can show you what that is. In game it is called armor piercing.

The conversion is worthless regardless of amount on Bonebleach Halberd because it already has 100% base armor piercing. As Ulvar said tho, the affix does have other great stats for pierce.

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should maybe point out that just because you got an affix with 140% armor piercing does not equal 100% conversion on all items
if say you had gotten that affix on a sword with a base AP value of 20%, you’d only have 48 armor piercing

armor piercing % boost can go above 100% because many items actually need it to reach a total value of 100 armor piercing ratio, most swords have a base 40 armor pierce or below as default by standard,

but like Norzan says, in this here case it’s mute since the item natively already has 100 % AP value

piercing shadow strike maybe? Thats not exactly small bonuses…

Those rolls are kinda on lower side for this prefix… Cunning is good indeed though

I know its just IIRC there are some quirks to phys-> pierce conversions in game which somewhat seperate it from basic types. Hoped ability to overcap was one of such quirks. Pity

And casting speed helps shadow strike with what?

Oh, somehow I missed that and focused on skill bonus

Helps if you want to spam Biting Blades or Chillspikes with SS not that I recommend it.

But Shadow Strike should work even on single good affix with this weapon’s mod.

Look like it is useless anyway. Did second attempt to kill crate and well… got this:

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Puncture is yellow prefix tho :disappointed:

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Good flat piercing dmg though (:

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yeye but so does the yummy green affixes :grin:
i’m also partial to the “chance of XXX flat phys dmg” prefix when it’s a 100% pierce weap :sweat_smile:

Some yellow affixes are actually pretty damn good, with puncturing being one of them (a lot of pierce builds are weapon damage based). Of course the equivalent green affix is better, but it’s not a total loss if you get the yellow version.


But green suffix xD Of course ideally I’d like maybe sinister of Amarasta’s Flurry, but well…