Pacific Northwest Here

Hello GD folks. Near Seattle and looking forward to GD. Gonna have to start up TQ just to get a fix :wink:

Awesome! I tried to do that, but for some reason TQ doesn’t run too well with Windows 7 64. :frowning: (It’s all … “spurty” like where it’ll slow down for a few and then speed up really fast to catch up.) No fault of my hardware, I have beast rig. It’s a shame because I really want to play TQ these days.

Welcome to the forums, Calhoun!

Take a look in “Documents/My Games/Titan Quest/Settings/options.txt”

Make sure forceSingleProcessorMode = FALSE

Yep, it was set to false.

EDIT: It was set properly but I was running Immortal Throne and ITS options.txt had the value set to true. Thanks for the info!

Now this will feed my need. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m born and raised from the Seattle area!
Glad to have some pacific northwest peeps on the boards.
I miss it there:(

Tri-Cities Washington area here. Welcome to the forums!