Pacing, salvaging

So I just finished the game on Elite (after the other day finishing Veteran)… I’m currently level 73 after farming a bit, and BOC is already falling behind. Everything is turning grey. The level scaling doesn’t fit to well to match the games difficulty. So now , does this mean I have to rush to ultimate? What about resists? There doesn’t seem to be that “break” zone between difficulties. Pacing feels so OFF.

Salvaging? why? Wheres the incentive? More than 99% of everything I salvage is mostly basic components. As far as salvaging legendarys’, I complete every run on BOC and I’m lucky to receive 1. You get so very little, you don’t want to salvage any… You might as well save them all for other character you might decide to make. (yes yes, I know about the champion farming runs, but between the level scaling in the areas, it almost becomes pointless).

I played this game back in the days where there wasn’t even a homestead. Now That I returned to a game that’s fully been released on steam, This game feels far from being finished. I didn’t mind the skill, gear nerfs before the game was released, but now, after the game has been released, these nerfs are still going to happen. Kinda disapointing.

Legendaries have something like 1:6 chance of giving a rare crafting mat (i.e. Hearts, Bloods, Brains, Manticore Eyes), so that is about the only thing I salvage, if you don’t get that, you tend to get higher tier components.

As far as pacing, if you farm til you exceed the the level cap to the degree that Necropolis, SoT/BoC are grey, then you can’t really consider that “rushing off to Ultimate”

Your reputations should be good enough to get augments for resists, as well as being relatively close to end game gear level (l.75). You should reach that point before you have any real issues with resists, and you can tailor your resists to the zone you’re in as well, prior to then.

If you are done with the campaign in Elite, and do not want to move to Ultimate until you have gear, work on Crucible. Guaranteed Legendary from the end of it, and you should be able to solo Aspirant easily enough, plus get an idea on what you might need to change defensively with your build.

Lets face it, RNG can be on your side or against it. You can’t honestly say that after beating elite, there shouldn’t be a buffer to obtain “better” gear. Just coming back the the game and having to start all over. I don’t have the luxury of alt characters that can farm out tons of gear. I used all self found gear. My gear is decent at best, but definitely needs much improving for to take on the challenge of ultimate. Rep gear, is decent for filling in “voids” but thats’ about it.

Ultimate slaps you with a total of -%50 resistance across the board, and the main solution is rep augments. Doesn’t seem right. I don’t expect to have “perfect” resistances, but you still need at least something. REP/gear helps, but isn’t the solution… Resistances to the act your in?.. OK Sure, but theres still going to be voids. What about your dps? Sure that plays a roll in difficulty.

There just isn’t enough variety of gear that drops, where you can fill in those voids during your playthrough. You basically stuck with whatcha get, until that 1 piece that drops and its an upgrade. The difference between veteran and elite isn’t that much. The drop -rates- seemed to be the same. Sure Enemy density and a few more champions scattered, But thats’ about it. Ultimate is a much bigger difference.

Speaking frankly, I came back the game in the same state as you. My character just happened to be a summoner, so I was suited to having survivability from pets, and dps was a non-issue.

The rep augments are the only way to cap resistances across the board, they are available at level 70, and used throughout end game. There is gear out there that does help, set pieces and the such, patterns happen to be a bit of rng but that is true of all things.

I was wearing some lvl 35 gear for ages because of the stats they provided. It was my only character, so I didn’t have stuff to farm with either.

I still stand by crucible being that buffer you want.

TBH, a “DLC” should not be a fix to the regular game… I have purchased and played the cruicible. Its a joke… The gear drops are terrible, the xp is just as bad. I Played up to wave 110, with increased spawns (for an extra) chest, and Haven’t received at least 1 legendary. Is this normal? Again this just goes to prove my other point, PACING is way off.

You don’t farm the crucible by starting at wave 1 and playing through all 150 waves over and over. Push progression as hard as you can and when you find a good place you can reliably complete (ideally 150) you use tribute to start at 100, then beat it, then use tribute to restart at wave 130, for example.

You do this until you can’t sustain with tribute and repeat.

If you want to farm devotion points you play from a cheap checkpoint each time and don’t pay to restart at a checkpoint. Obviously you don’t buy towers in this regard. But having 2 maxed buff towers helps farming wave 150. In later difficulties the tower buffs and buyable blessings are a godsend and a huge boon.

If you can scrounge together one or two other people to play and farm those late waves it gets even better sharing the gear.

Last night my group (three of us) farmed 130-150 on aspirant for three or four hours and got a shitload of gear including somewhere around ten legendaries that were useful.

You can also use that one awesome crucible mod (highly recommended) to make it a much more enjoyable experience with less tedium.

I haven’t been running cruicible from 1-110… I use checkpoints from 100-110. I need upgraded gear badly. Since I can’t farm the campaign anymore, (My level is way to high for any content)… What AM i supposed to do? The games pacing is terrible. I would love to run ultimate, but at the games current state, there is no pacing between difficulties. Cruicibles’ drops are beyond terrible. IMO At least 1 legendary drop per 100 waves is acceptable… Killing over 40 champions and several nemesis spawns, nets you all greens and 2 blues? Why?

I can understand The developers don’t want you out leveling the following difficulty, makes a bit sense, but how are you supposed to get the resistances you need for ultimate difficulty? During veteran and elite, I never had that many pieces that dropped for me… Which is fine… I can deal with grinding for better gear, I just can’t deal with BOC and SOT being totally useless so fast. At the very least, make BOC more of a place to grind for gear, giving very little xp. But BOC is pretty useless considering its take a fair bit of time to complete, and most of the time the items you get is pretty negligible anyways.

Some of the Epic armor I found, very little resistances and of very little use (through veteran and elite). Even crafting some of the relics, was hilarious to me… Why Do I need bristle fur to craft a relic? I like the components, but its brought to so much of a degree, its laughable. Almost everything drops a component, and its more of hassle to pick everything up (how about components you auto loot, or a components BAG). Its takes away from the experience. GEMS would’ve made much more sense. Let me SOCKET what I need.

I started this game a while ago and I used all self-found gear until I hit about 70. I went into elite at exactly 50, and went into ultimate with half-yellow gear at ~68. At ultimate your top row is -50%, and bleed, aether, vitality, and chaos take only a -25% hit. You will be fine in ultimate so long as you’re careful. Keep an eye on your hp, pop potions like they’re tic-tacs (because they are), and shore up any glaring holes with augments/components. By this point you should be revered or damn near it with everyone.

Don’t forget that ultimate gives a lot better rewards. A lot better. You might not get the legendaries you want right off the bat, but that’s what this thread is for! Make friends, trade with them, hell make a multiplayer game called “trade bucket” with no password and max out the players. There’s a lot of very friendly, very generous players out there willing to just dump extras in your lap.

The game’s pacing is fine, the problem is that you’re not following it. You beat elite, now go to ultimate and play on.

I’m leveling my 4th character through Elite right now, on pace to be about 70 by the end, using self-found blues and greens, and have nearly capped resists on all with components and augments. You know, how the game is meant to be played.

This guy seems to complain about parts of the game that are easily fixed by parts of the game he straight up ignores. You get guaranteed legendaries in crucible if you get to 150. If you cant get to 150, figure out why and fix it, or make friends who can get you there.

Aspirant is a joke, and easily farmable.

You can farm the campaign, play Ultimate.

Your 4th character. Well I can see how easy it is for you to get all the gear you want. Its easy to toss all spare gear aside and hand it over to an alt and hand pick what you need. Crucible is honestly a joke… Time spent = lackluster rewards. but then again, is Crucible even apart of the game? It’s a DLC and you do have to put into account NOT EVERYONE has it. Maybe over-time, the Cruicible will actually get better, but as it stands now, its a total waste.

You can be a troll all you want, just stop being ignorant. I’m at least entitled to my opinion, and from what I experienced, I’m just sharing my results. If you had an easier time with the game Having alts… Than more power to you :smiley:

I can see you found the quote feature, but didn’t actually read any of that. I have loads of legendaries, sure. But I don’t keep blues. You get plenty of gear between Reputations, drops, and one-shot chests to more than adequately prepare you for ultimate.

The fact that you ignore everything everyone says, and keep complaining, makes you the troll.

If a person didn’t have the Crucible, and was constantly complaining, you think they would take the advice of more experienced people, and get the DLC because it’s cheap and well worth the money.

I’m done repeating myself to someone who honestly should probably just give up. This game isn’t for everyone.

No… I read’ everything you/everyone typed, and I disagree. IF I see a glaring issue with the game that I experienced, don’t I have the right to state MY opinion on feedback? There honestly wasn’t any issues until you popped on here whining about my opinion… If you don’t like it, then just walk away or actually state why you don’t agree. Don’t cry, just walk away :smiley:

I can tell your very young (or old living with your mother) and your very passionate about Grim Dawn. I respect that. I never said the game sucked, I just think theres a glaring problem with pacing… But hey, Your right…Grim Dawn isn’t for everyone, and maybe in another few months/years of patches, the game will be a bit better. The game was just fully released, and there obviously still not done.

Resorts to name calling, insulting, and makes 0 valid points because everyone else in the game disagrees.

Yep. I’m the “young” one.

Best of luck with your endeavors, though with your attitude, I don’t expect much. If you need someone to carry you through Crucible, let me know.

Throwing a grammatically abysmal tantrum at people who are trying to help you isn’t the best way to impress anyone. And no, you don’t have a right to express your opinion once your opinion has been proven factually incorrect and/or lacking in thought. You’re afraid to go into ultimate because it’s the last difficulty but your character is so overleveled that you can’t do anything in elite. That’s the game telling you in no uncertain terms to quit being a coward and load up the good shit. If you die, figure out why. Use that giant glob of cholesterol and electrolytes in your skull to hammer out a solution.

Or just quit and accept that the reason you stopped playing is because you were afraid of a challenge. You don’t even know what you’re mad about because what you’re mad about doesn’t actually exist if you actually utilize everything half of what’s at your disposal.

:stuck_out_tongue: Its fine your a fan boy and this is the most perfect game every made… SO just drop it.

Yes, i agree you on one point; fanboyism ( please nobody take offense ) but not on the pacing/salvaging topic. Some forum members adore “Crate” and accept no matter what they bring to table. They also oppose, bring down anyone who doesnt like the game. These people became their as*hairs because there was no game like this in the market that gives the taste of Titan Quest in last years. Crate filled the gap perfectly and also listened the community which made community love them more. So you either stand alone in this forum by stating your negative feedback or join the community and embrace everything Crate does =)

If you are level 73 you are ready for ultimate. Even if you don’t have capped resists starting out you’re fine. I had a guy the other day I rushed through elite on and started ultimate in the last sixties, had negative aether, chaos, and poison resists, and cleared act one easy peasy. It isn’t as big a deal as you’re making it out to be, just go play ultimate and use the gear you get, you don’t need full legendaries to play ultimate. My main character just beat Gladiator 150 crucible the other night and he had no augments on his gear and had zero pieces of BiS, only a handful of legendaries. You can farm first act of Ultimate with no issues with self-found blues and greens. If you beat Elite your character should have no real issue beating Crucible Aspirant 150, which gives you guaranteed legendaries.

If you feel crucible isn’t good enough of a farming experience vanilla, I suggest you use this mod that I and my friends use. Make crucible much more fun to play due to the new things you can buy with tribute to make the experience less shitty. Highly rec. it.

If you still feel there is an issue with a gap in the experience, you’re conflating the issue in your head. If you don’t want to buy crucible play Ultimate and it’ll be fine unless you severely, unimaginably nuked your toon and made them completely worthless somehow.

Being obstinate and feeling that there is gap in the progression experience does not equate to it being true. The two options I gave you above are legitimate ways and one is obviously the intended way to progress by the devs, aka playing ultimate with your character. You feeling your toon is not powerful enough is on you, not the developers, because I watch plenty of people (and myself) play ultimate with garbage gear and do fine. The game definitely, certainly has problems (cough terrible performance no matter what you do) but this is not one of them.

Salvaging is still a waste of time, though, I 100% agree with that.