Path of Exile:Betrayal

So the game is getting a new mini expansion 3.5 version next month, and this time its essentially the nemesis like system from shadow of war games.

Your old master betrayed you and joined the organization of immortal syndicate. After defeating a member you will be granted options from execute, bargain, interrogation, betrayal, and influence the position of members in the syndicate. They will remember and often comment about your past actions (GGG took around 4 weeks to record all the voice lines options). They will also be sending assassins after you that can pop up anywhere and at any time and try to kill you (even during boss fights).


Short explanation

They are bringing reworked masters (with old leagues incursion, delve end bestiary) and crafting. New skills, items, new type of mod (that you can chose from 3 options what type of roll will be on your item).

Another interesting thing is that they are working on big expansion for PoE 4.0, that should be competing with d4 (that they thought would be anounced this blizzcon). In that update they will be reworking and updating the models and animations of all classes in the game. The game will also probably at that time drop support for win xp

Maybe if they fix the ridiculous camera someday. Other than that, hard pass on that mess.

Lmao, I hate the camera on PoE too, I’ve tried to get into this game about 4 times, but I just can’t

I don’t see a problem with their camera.
What’s wrong with it? Neither of you say what you don’t like about it.

Not that it’s a huge issue for me, but the camera feels too close and at an odd angle compared to GD/TQ. I have plenty of hours in POE so it’s not a deterrent at all.

I’m not hugely excited for this league, I never am anymore, but I’ll probably play it for a week or two.

Yeah, I suck at playing the Currency Simulator portion of the game, so I usually burn out around lvl 93 when I can’t sustain T13 maps anymore, and get bored running T10 and T11 maps for negligible xp.

Shit I can’t even make it to 93 before I get bored. I don’t enjoy mapping at all.