Unsure if it is a bug or just some priority issues but i’ve setup a blacksmith area to smelt all the iron mined from the mountains.
Built a stockpile + warehouse between my kilns and foundries, only allowing them to collect ores and coal.
The coal is nicely stockpiling up there, but for whatever reason, my forgers refuse to pick up the iron ore from the same stockpile (having 3-400 always there) and instead, walk 2-3 months to the mountain to collect it from the mines itself.
Have multiple wagons, to try to empty those mines, but nope, forgers says i want it fresh from the source.

Would be nice to know the logic behind how the restocking works, because as it seems, they dont go for the closest stockpile, but closest source (aka mine)


Maybe it is related - for some reason citizens pick up their job as far from home as possible. I intentionally build few houses in my industrial area and neither of the occupants was working in this area. Instead they preffered to work in field on the other side of the village (approx. 100 squares away)

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I agree that the villager’s choice of home is extremely weird to the point that it feels almost deliberate. I have a rat catcher. The building is placed on the far left of the main town hub. The houses here are placed densely and close together and the rat catcher previously lived there. 5 in game years later I built a malaria shack shanty village. This village is on the far right of the map, outside of town. None of my buildings have ever been broken. The rat catcher moved to malaria town. She continues to be employed on the other side of the map. Apparently these villagers just love the commute.

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