Patron Edition doesn't include AoM expansion?!

Hi guys,

I backed in 2013 I think and I was under the impression that Patron edition (50$) would get the first expansion also… now all I got was crucible…
Is this normal?

Best regards

The Patron Edition is equivalent to the Digital Collector’s Edition - see - and does not include the expansion.

The Patron Edition was an early access bundle which is more expensive than the $45/$48 early access bundle and both of those get free expansion. I only bought the Patron edition because it specifically said at the time that the expansion would be free upon release. I tried contacting Crate and Humble and nobody seems to give a shit about people who backed the game 4 years ago, they’d rather just give everyone all the bonuses + game + exp for $65 for buying the game right now and make us patron’s who coughed up $50 early in development pay $20 for the expansion ($70 total) for the same shit…

What eisprinzessin said is correct. The Patron Edition never included the expansion.

The old editions of the game were always intended as a means of supporting development. They were never meant to be a “good deal”, which seems to be how you envisioned it.

Back then, the Patron Edition included the base game, Alpha/Beta-access to the development build, and in-game goodies (including an exclusive early backer medal).

So what you’re saying is, someone who supported the game 4 years ago in early development has to pay an extra $5 more for that expansion than someone who was only just picking up the game now, and those people also get all the same goodies (minus the exclusive medal)

You paid for Alpha/Beta access and the exclusive medal…but mainly you were paying to support development.

If supporting the development of the game was not your goal way back then, then I’m not sure what to tell you.

By the same logic, somebody who bought the game for $25 nearly 2 years ago should now be upset that somebody can get it for 50% off on a recent sale.

I did pay to support the development because i love the game and believed in Crate to pull off the ARPG of the decade which you certainly have. I’m just a little saddened that my loyalty and support wasn’t rewarded with access to the expansion, i could’ve been one of those guys who just buys a game key from a key website for a fraction of the price and had the game and exp for $20-30. I guess i’ll buy it then as i really want it, sorry for sounding like an asshole it’s not your fault, thanks.

I understand. Well, hope you enjoy the expansion.

For reference, the edition of the game that included the expansion cost $85 back then (it was called the Legendary Edition, or Digital Deluxe Edition equivalent on Kickstarter). It also included Alpha/Beta access and the medal, and was intended as a way to support development.

Once the Alpha/Beta period was over, the Early Backer medal was removed from the package and the price was lowered. At the same time, the Patron Edition was no longer sold.