Pax Omnibus

Hi,You can call me Mordo or Tekniq whichever is preferable,
I’m an old gamer from way back to pong. D2 was clearly one of my favorites and I spent many days in Azeroth and then put in 5k hours in Path of Exile.

anyhow,if anyone needs me…im here.


Hi and welcome to the forum! It’s not surprise GD attracts the hardcore RPG game fans, hope you’ll have good time! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Welcome to the forum. :slightly_smiling_face:

Burning question though is how many hours you’re going to end up putting into GD? :smiley:

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Thank you, thank you.

Id say a few thousand at least, :slight_smile:

we may hold you to that… welcome and have fun!

Hey man, I think you’ll be quite satisfied. Honestly, between GD and PoE, all of my possible ARPG cravings are met and exceeded 110%

The 2 titles are both so different and yet so similar. Each title is super deep as far as character customization, and does so many things to stimulate the creative thinking process for the player. So many things to do in each title that if you get tired of one you can play the other, and for me, ping-ponging back and forth between the 2 leaves me with no desire to even play most other games.

I like some TCGs like Magic Duels, MTG Arena, Hearthstone, Shadowverse, Faeria, and Elder Scolls Legends.

FF7 remake coming out soon so yeah I’ll be all about that for a bit.

Fallout 4 is a constant I’ll return to, just to fool around with mods and terrorize my settlers.

Tekken 7 for the fighting game fix.

Steep for the pilotwings style fix.

Crossworlds for an old school RPG fix.

But despite those titles, I’d say probably 80% of my gametime is devoted to PoE and GD, with easily 75% of that devoted specifically to GD. PoE is a lot slower, for me, as I have never made it to the point where I can do maps. I think my highest level guy is in the 60 range.

In GD the progression comes together very quickly and you can see immediate changes in your build (3 skill points per level until level 50), which makes it more rewarding early on, and more welcoming in terms of build experimentation, in my opinion.

Both games do sort of honor each other and their classic predecessors, D2 and others, in many ways. One example is the skill map in PoE- that thing is awesome, even takes me back to final fantasy 10. In GD the Constellation map gives me those same feelings, the same dopamine releases whenever I get a devotion point to invest!