paying my respect

Hi Guys / devs
I registered simply to tell you you’re awesome.
I’m a gamer since i was a 4 year old. Good old commodore , NES 8 bit , sega and eventually my first pentium computer.
In the course of time i discovered titanquest. I probably sunk weeks upon weeks of time in that game just to escape from the real world. The game was energizing. Now having bought the early acces purely to give support to a piracy killed game , i salute you. The game brings back both positive and negative memories. I got taken by the game immediatly. The HUD seemed very familiar the game runs smoothly and its once more immersive as fuck.
Impressive for such a tiny team!!! I had it rough but theres a strange soothing in whacking zombies, upping the char and getting better and better. So guys keep up the good work you’re on the right track!!! Now i’m gonna enjoy the game and report whatever needs reporting. I’ll be back

Hi and welcome cypherion, seems like you had some challenges in your life so i’m glad you’re doing fine now :slight_smile:

Played Atari 2600, Commodore +4 and all the others myself so i see where you’re coming from, have you ever played International Karate or Great Giana Sisters? :slight_smile:

Hello and welcome, I as well have played those systems, Dam Busters was my first game.