PC Gamer review of FF

Nice review, seems like he got a bit of everything. :joy:


Wow!! Sounds like a headache in waiting, so much detail to pay attention too. Not sure I will have the time to play this.

But, well done regardless, I am sure it is a great game!

Well, it depends on how you decide to play the game. You can play without the combat side of things and choose an easy difficulty too.

That will help for sure.

Yes, from a distance it reads like it´s more stressful than RealLife itself. Hell, even plants can catch diseases xD.
Already excited!

I suppose it could be but it’s pretty easy to get by for a long time actually without having to worry about the deeper systems, like crops etc. Raiders can be a whole 'nuther headache too but thankfully you can play without 'em. Overall it’s pretty easy to start a game as easy or as hard as you want it.

You can’t change these settings after the fact, however, tho it would be nice if Crate could see about making that a possibilty. I could see how some settings in particular would be difficult or impossible to make changeable on-the-fly, but it would be nice to be able to toggle raiders on or off without having to roll a new save.

Regardless, it has plenty of “reroll” addictiveness imo, much like GD, and I find I have no qualms with squashing a session if it isnt going how I like and starting anew. The random map generation is actually what I find to be largely responsible for that quality, tho it would probably be insulting for me to not also nod at the numerous gameplay factors involved that likewise contribute.

There’s a surprising amount going on in FF and I feel like Crate has shown here that they don’t deserve to be restricted to making diablo’s the rest of their lives, as some out there seem to believe :smirk: They’ve done a beautiful job with everything from the art and tone of the game to the music and sound and the various mechanics. I’m looking forward to see what else they’ll add over the early access period… and beyond.

Cuz you just know they’ll dote on it well after official release much like GD.


Thanks for the insights. I’m always struggling with the idea of adjusting game difficulty back and forth on the fly though.
I think it was Max Payne where this was possible and it felt weird. If you couldn’t get past that one sticky situation, you just slide over to Easy in game options, master the obstacle, and slide back to difficult. Felt quite lame and a lot like cheating.

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