Peaky Blinders

So, Holy Hell Batman I just discovered Peaky fucking Blinders a few days ago on Netflix and I’ve already smashed thru both available seasons. Looks like season 3 is speculated to arrive later this month possibly.

Who else is amped for that? Oh, if you haven’t watched it I advise rectifying that problem. Brilliant writing, brilliant acting and Season 2 even has Tom fucking Hardy and seriously who doesn’t like Tom fucking Hardy?

Noone I associate with, that’s who.

Legitimately one of my top 3 favorite actors. And I liked him before Mad Max was a thing.

So uh…what is this about?

Post World War 1 (1919) gangsters in Birmingham (UK). The gang is named Peaky Blinders, the core of which is 3 brothers fresh out of the war, and it basically chronicles their rise to power.

Watch it. Thank me later.

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It’s a great show, it really is. Very much looking forward to the new season.

Sounds cool! I’ll check this series out. :slight_smile:

You liked Tom Hardy when he was two years old in 1979 or earlier? That’s kinda creepy. :stuck_out_tongue:

Just watched the first episode, I’m in!

Good choice Paav! It only gets better as you go.

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Almost done with season 2, when does 3 get released?!

That I don’t know. I did some searching around Google on it and it looks like people think it will release late this month or next month. Filming for the 3rd season was apparently completed in January so they may be right.

Cross your fingers.

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Seems like Boardwalk Empire. I’ll have to watch it.

Well, I’ve been doing an episode a day. Consider me hooked.

Scarecrow Tommy is well-cast and has a great stage presence. And the dialog is sharp and well-written as much as well-delivered. Nothing I would change about the show at all.


Gah! That’s where i recognize him from! Thanks, that was bugging me but i keep forgetting to look it up.

my god the show gets so good at the end of season 2! gimme season 3 now!

Agreed. They ended it perfectly, leaving you wanting more.

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Good news and a good read!

Indeed. Looking forward to it. Just watched the second season again yesterday with the wife (her 1st time seeing it) and I was laughing at her about it and she was like, What? I can’t stop watching it now.

And yeah that last episode was the absolute best out of a good run. Excellent production all around and they sure know how to end a season. Even the last episode to season 1 does a good job hooking ya.

Overall I’d put forward that it’s the best series running right now. Every actor so far has been spot on perfect for their roles and it never feels cheezy or fake. #knockonwood that the show continues to remain this strong. Definitely want to see more.

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Peaky Blinders starts tonight on BBC2 I guess. Not sure what that means for Netflix yet but I guess I’ll be… acquiring the episodes by other means then.

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Hmm looks like it is 8pm already in the UK so it starts at 9pm so I guess it should be hitting the rest of the net after a couple hours.


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Aaaaand I just read that the 6 season 3 episodes should hit Netflix May 31st for those interested. I, however, don’t have patience for that.

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