People keep dying starved

Is it a bug? Game is hard mode but it seems they got food for 21 months and people keep dying starved. It have just now begin to ocur at this point of the game. I ve not had any other trouble with food in the whole game

yeah i’m having the same problem. Goes from excessive months of food available, to nothing, and people keep dying. Warehouses are spread out around the map for ease of access but still having a food issue.

I ve got full food warehouse:

And I ve got a secondary area at north Im right now expanding but I ensured also food warehouse have content:

I ve got not idea why this ocur :frowning:

Something interesting everybody is dying in the main building door

If you leave villagers garrisoned inside the Town Center, that can happen.


That’s my fail then! Thanks a lot! By the way, I guess game could make some improvements on UI and player notifications :slight_smile:

Thanks, I think this post can be closed :wink:

Hi I’m having same issue, many villagers keep dying in front of town center :sweat_smile:
how did you stop villagers from garrisoning ?

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