Perdition set pieces. Anyone willing to trade/help?

Hey guys I’ve had game for quite awhile but just recently started playing it a ton. I’ve been doing this retaliation build guide and have recently hit level 41. I’d really love to get the Perdition set or some pieces of it.

I play through Steam with a non hard core character. If anyone has any pieces of this set I’d love to trade for them. I honestly don’t have much to offer other then tons of scrap and gear mods that you socket into items. I do have some blues though I could trade.

If anyone is willing to help please message me here or on Steam (Risenzealot)

Thank you!

I hope this isn’t breaking forum rules. I looked but did not see a dedicated trading forum or I’d have posted there.

try here or here

I have the faceguard, shoulderguard, and handguards at level 40 and would be willing to trade for mats. PM me if interested.

I’m very interested if anyone has this set for trade!

Hello, I’m just wondering if you could help me complete my Perdition Set. For now, I only have a Perdition Shield. Maybe we can trade or help me farm or tips where to farm it. I am a Level 43 Soldier-Shaman (Warder) right now and playing through my Steam Account. Hope to hear from you soon. Have a nice day!

Please use the trading threads for trade as you’ll get much better results

List of threads just here

I need a Blue Print: Fortress. I’m trying to search and farm for this…Also, a Perdition Set. I only have a Perdition Shield so far. I just hit Level 50 today. Any items to trade for my Tank Soldier-Shaman or Warden? It would be greatly appreciated for any help or tips or whatsoever…

See below for trading threads :wink:

Hi bro, you still have it? I I really want it :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry for my bad english.

Best to post in the trading threads linked here