Perhaps the blade of Blood Lord needs to be strengthened?

Compared with another weapon from Blood Lord, it is difficult to choose this weapon. First of all, refreshing the skill CD is an excellent attribute for equipment, but its actual benefit is hard to measure. First of all, not all skills in GD depend on the CD, and the attributes of this weapon once again limit it. For chaos in many bds, even if there is a better prefix or suffix for chaos, its benefits can hardly exceed the Mythical fang of ch’thon. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
The Vengeance of Blood Lord has provided Ascenison with obvious advantages. With a longer duration and CDR, you can greatly improve the coverage for Ascenison. This is an advantage worthy of investment for survival, not to forget that it also provides harm transformation. So if you choose to use a fire BD. And there is oathkeeper. It is well worth being chosen.
Let’s take a look at Blood Lord’s blade again. When you first see it, especially when you are starting to build BD about chaos. It is like a beautiful girl you expect in your dream, but when you calmly analyze it, you will find that it is not so dreamy. Why? First of all, its refresh probability is not particularly high. For weapons, such an important equipment position is important for BD It should be able to provide more stable benefits, such as the modification of key skills or noteworthy item skills.
But for the above factors. It has nothing. The CD of refreshing skills is an incalculable attribute. So it’s hard to say what you got. Even in some BDs with more output skills, such as void soul sentry. With the skills of Aegis of Menhir and Doom Bolt, its performance is hard to match Mythical fang of ch’ton. (By the way, Voidoul still needs to improve its support for Aegis of Menhir, because the support provided by Oathkeeper is quite limited for Chaos. If Oathkeeper is selected only for Aegis of Menhir, it is better to select inquistor.)
To sum up, the Bloody Lord’s blade may provide some more intuitive and easier to quantify benefits. For example, provide chaos bonus and basic chaos to hurt Presence of Virtue? Or some key basic attributes such as CDR? Or some key skill modification?
I look forward to your discussion and feedback. :grinning:

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