Personal Rift gate is a one way trip

Apparently from what people are saying you can travel back through the Personal Rift.

If so then it’s broken because I use the rift to get to town, but the developers left ZERO instructions for the return trip making it impossible to know how this can be done if it even cannot be done.

This is a bug because it either doesn’t work or it needs instructions. Either way, one of these 2 aspects needs to be fixed.

I expect a fully detailed explanation on the instructions or be told it’s not possible.

What you expect is irrelevant. Nobody is trolling your threads. You come here with a shit attitude instead of posting in no-reply where only devs would see your post.

A lack of instructions is not a bug. It works fine.
And I thought a tip pops up when you get near the rift about how to use your own, but agree it might as well be explained properly.

It’s a small team focusing on content. Grim Dawn generally doesn’t hold your hand. Be polite.

Oh and the game doesn’t neeeeeed a tutorial. Tutorials are just convenient. Back in the day you had to find out how to play games through trial and error to some extent. Sorry to hear you aren’t satisfied with GD’s instructions. I agree there is room for improvement but I don’t think it’s as necessary as you do.

As for the things you’ve found difficult to understand… A lot of it is the first time we’ve heard such a thing. Not saying it invalidates your feedback but maybe you’re just not used to this kind of gameplay.

The average person can type 195 characters per minute; you’ve typed 8387 in your campaign to get something changed, which corresponds to 43 minutes of dedication, which is admirable. If also a little bit all-for-naught.

So it sounds like you want a tutorial system in place? Lucky for you, the game already has one! In the options menu, you can Enable Tutorial Tips. If you do something as miraculous as this, you’ll see the following upon creating a character:

If you continue onward into town, you’ll get this message:

When you open your first Personal Rift, you’ll see this:

If you open the Codex Window as described in the first tip (pressing Q) and select the ‘?’ box, colloquially identified as ‘help’ or ‘faq’, you can scroll down to select the ‘Riftgates’ section, where you can read this:

When you open your map upon selecting a main Riftgate, you’ll see a reddish-purple riftgate off to the side of the orange-ish Riftgates on the map. That’s your personal rift.

Wow. Nice explanation Ceno

Damn. I thought it was explained well enough. I have never loved you so much Ceno. 10/10. Quality post.

And it seems that that post is all for naught too as he’s apparently been banned. >_>

Don’t worry, I’ll be sure to link to it or quote it for the next user who has issues with the personal rift gate. +10 Internet Points!

He posted anot insulting rant that got him banned.

Thank you for this. Made my day, and is now saved on my phone

There is one scenario, when you cannot travel back to your personal riftgate - when you try to do so via the world map. I assume this is what you are trying.

In order to travel back to your riftgate, you need to click on a stationary riftgate. Yes, the world map opens then, too.

But if you just open the map where you stand and try to use the riftgates, you are using a short-cut to relocate your riftgate. Which is why you cannot travel to the location on the map. This way you can only select a stationary riftgate.

In before the lock!

Did anyone actually link the Manual to this poor guy?

You know it reminded me how we did not have video game tutorials back then when I was a kid. You either read the manual or figured stuff by yourself. How did we even manage to play games?

yeah remember me of the MSDOS “environment” when I was young, it was like a roguelike, try and try again until you ( partially) succeed. And the game was barely launched at that point… =D

Again ? I already explained it in your last thread about this subject… makes it even clearer why you are having issues getting even the most basic things accomplished…

we all already explained this to him… all it takes is simply looking at the screen…
if someone refuses to look at the screen then its their own fault. everything is obvious. “Look at map, see a big rift and a small rift” pays no attention to the small rift (personal rift) complain, complain… i could go on but wont.

this guy is a troll… and needs to be banned, all he is doing is hurting crate…

EDIT, ok he has been banned…TG

EDIT #2 “developers left ZERO instructions”… his youtube name or whatever is ZERO, clearly a bad job of advertising himself.

That is because opening the world map and using a rift uses your personal rift even if you are standing near a stationary rift. Therefore you can’t use your personal rift to travel to your personal rift but you could use someone else’s.