Pet affixes on caster weapons

Background: Lately i tried some runs to farm up Korvaak’s Burning-Blades for my defiler. My average run netted 2 Burning-Blades and about 1-2 Chosen Visages so far, but the thing is, none of them roll pet affixes.

Checking grimtools, there are 2 prefixes, from a total of every magic caster prefix and suffix (the 9 class pools, the single type damage prefixes, aggressive, vampiric), with a slightly better situation amongst rares, so getting a related affix on a monster infrequent (I’m not talking about Frostporn of Shattering, but about Chilled of Alacrity, to put it into the breaker context) is extremely slim (having no Benevald for it doesn’t help either).

To alleviate this, I’d like the elemental or physical single-type suffixes to also give some 2/3rd of their bonuses to pets.

so a L90 KBB of L90 Scorching could have +101% fire and burn damage, but also a bonus to all pets: 67% fire and burn damage on top of the baked in +70% fire and burn damage. (± deviation)

and so on and so forth.

  • Yes, more pet affixes! Let’s make non-rare MIs and magic items more useful.
  • No, the drop rate is fine, you can just use legendaries instead.

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Not sure if this helps you, but Grim Tools can show affixes that are impossible on items. It is better to check with GD stash

Might aswell extract the current version of the assets and look at the weighted dropchances.