Pet Bios Broken?

Has anyone gotten new pets to scale right? No matter what bio I do or what I change mine won’t level their stats when points are put in them. I tried a thousand different things and I’m entirely lost now as to what to do. I’ve copied and renamed and made new and I cannot figure it out. I even tried to just save as from a different bio and oddly all that did was change everything in the working bio to “ownLevel” and baser stats instead of “charLevel” and the equations it showed first. Is there some keyword I need for pets instead of “char” or “own”? Because neither of these seem to work, even straight up copy/pasted from a different pet… So has anyone else figured this out or even has this problem with pets?

I posted about this before, but about the scaling. I’m sure it’s the bios, but not sure if it’s something I’m doing wrong or the bios are wonky because that “char” vs “own” thing.

New thread, same answer. Pets scale by a percentage for each additional skill point. Their base stats come from your stats. If you want to change this, you need to change the templates that are loaded.

They’re not scaling for each additional skill point, that’s what I mean, only when I level up, and I don’t know how to change that. I tried building one off the enemy attributes one but no luck. What template would I need?:confused:

I’m not sure they are in use, but \records\skills\playerclass03\pets has 26 files, one for each level of the pet. You can change the resists on a per level basis, and maybe assign Character Bonus Attributes on a per level basis. I wouldn’t adjust the Character Base Attributes though.

A speed increase would be really neat.

Under Skill Configuration you can see specialAttackTimeout and specialAttackDelay go down for additional levels of raven (familiar).

If you really want to play around, put some loot rolls from the mobs on the Initial Equipment finger slots, and turn on ‘dropItems’ in Monster Parameters.

Please let me know how your editing goes. For my mod I’m going to try and make it so you can place items on NPC and pets for them to use.

I’ll try that bonus attributes thing, hopefully that’ll work. I just want my pets health and stuff to go up when I put points into it. So far, I’ve got my skeletonknight to change appearance as he levels and equip new weapons too - so they can equip items just fine. That’s what I’m doing for both my Bonecharmer pets. So far pets using pet summons works just dandy, they even level.

No luck on the bonuses : \ changing them didn’t seem to have an effect, not on health or mana.

WOO! I figured it out - so it wasn’t the Bio AT ALL! So in every pet a1->a2->a3 and on up, inside their skilltree tab, Innate has to level with them for it to work! So the skill has to go lvl1 lvl2 lvl3 per mob. So, say you have 26 levels, you have to go through each and make sure Raven Innate and the second one, Hellhound or maybe Briarthorn, goes from 1 to 2 to 3 to 4 and so on and so forth! :smiley: Thaaat’s how that works!

\records\skills\playerclass03\pets has 26 files, one for each level of the pet.

How should I phrase this for the next person?

Well I’ve found it’s easier to keep track of pets if you give them their own folder to chuck all 26 of them in. But it’d be \records\skills\playerclass03\pets and in each hellhounda0(1-2-3).dbr \skilltree then below each Innate skill is a level, starting with 1. For each hellhounda0_ it has to go up with them, so a02 the level is 2 (or whatever you put it really) it just has to be larger than the one prior.

Hellhounda01 -> skilltree -> Skillname: raven/hellhoundinnate ->Skilllevel 1

Hellhounda02 -> skilltree -> Skillname: raven/hellhoundinnate ->Skilllevel 2