Pet Bleed Damage question

A quick question I have regarding pets bleed damage. The modrogen and huntress constellations on my cunjurer, give my pets a total of 42 bleed damage per second. i am also running the mythical beastcallers talisman with 121% increased bleed damage for pets. my pets have 970% increased damage base line. is any of this maths sound? 421.219.7=456.288 bleed damage per second and would that stack for each pet so example 10 pets 10*456.288= 4562.88 damage?

i think it’s more like *(1.21+9.7)

This doesn’t scale this way. Percentage damage increase applies only to the base damage. Therefore, 42 * 1.21 + 42 * 9.7 = 458.22 damage per second. And yes, every pet applies its damage all by itself, as other monsters (or players in multiplier) do. Therefore, 10 monsters would deal 4582.2 damage together.