Pet/bleeding/vit conjurer build

Just wanted to share a build that I have been building/running it’s fun and thus far tearing up Ultimate and I’m only level 77

The basis is a Pet/Vitality/Bleeding build, you do have to be on your toes a bit but for the most part it’s going to melt every mob on the screen in a few seconds. Bosses and some heros you have to kite and run around and wait a bit but doable.

The Skills (what they’d be at level 85)
Occultist- full 50 points
Bloody Pox-12 (right mouse button)
Fervered rage- 1 (be mindfull of your enemies)
Black Death-12
Possession-1 (with all my +skills it currently sits at 9)
Curse of Fraity-1
Summon Familiar-4
Mend Flesh-4
Storm Spirit-4
Lighting Strike-4
Summon Hell Hound-16
Ember Claw-12
Infernal Breath-12
Solael’s Witch Fire-1
Second Rite-1

Shaman-40 points into bar
Storm Totem-1
Corrupted Strom-1 (changes lighting to vitality)
Summon Briarthorn-3
Ground Slam-3
Embolding Roar-3
Mogdrogen’s pact-1
Heart of the Wild-1
Oak skin-1
Devouring Swarm-8 (left mouse button)

Reason for the one point wonder skills-possession for the damage boost didn’t want to put a ton in, Heart of the Wild line- +skillers will make them better and wanted points else where, the one is Storm totem comes down to the Devotion assignment which makes it work.


-Ghoul - attached to solael’s witchfire
-Shepherds Crook - on Bloody Pox
-Huntress- on Devouring Swarm (makes skill awesome)
-Falcon - on Hellhound (procs like crazy)
-Owl (crappy but 10 to spirit and 8% resist, need the completion bonus)
-Bat- Storm Totem (now it does good damage a set it forget it and get healed)

  • Empty Throne
  • Mogdrogen the Wolf - on Curse of Frailty (now it does damage too)
    remove Ascendant and Eldritch
  • 4 points into Affliction- skill on mogdrogen pact (I went with the right line for vit damage and poison acid resist for remaining point) extra damage plus slow those crazed poxed up badies more

-Weapon- Fang of Ch’thon with Hallowed Fang (blood thirster skill is good)
the mark of Ch’thon lowers vit resis and chaos and does damage to boot
-Head- Abyssal Mask with Sanctified Bone +to bloody pox and devouring swarm and chance to insta cast bloody pox on being hit
-Amulet- using Avarice of Androneous with Dread Skull +1 to all skills and all stats boost (want The Peerless Eye of Beranoth)
-Rings- using Empowered Eternal Band has elemental resist and Sigil of the Depraved, doom bolt on hit elemental resist both with polished emeralds for stat boost (want Ring of the Black Matriarch)
-off hand- Orb of Black Flame with Haunted Steel- vit damage +! to occult skills Decimation on hit more vit damage (possible if I get one Tome of the Arcane Waste)
-Belt Tinker’s Ingenuity with Antivenom Salve Health Heath and Health (might use Guthook Belt for +1 to shaman skills if I find one)
-Medal- Badge of mastery with Black Tallow , damage and resist and I got lucky and got a +3 to bloody pox on first try 2nd skill on it is useless but oh well

  • Boots- empowered Rift hound leather Boots with Mark of Mogdrogen -pet bonus and poison acid resist (want Bone Shatter Threads or Wyrmscale Footgaurds)
    -Chest- Fiendscale Jacket with Kilrians Shattered soul +2 to black death and Pox with contagion on hit vit damage and life leech
    -Legs- Boneweave Leggings with Silk swatch Health regen, vit damage and sigil of consumption on hit (looking for and at Wildshorne Leggaurds)
    -Shoulders- Fiendflesh Mantle with Silk Swatch (want Bloodfury Spalders)
    -Hands- touch of the Everlasting Grove with Restless Remains +2 to oak skin and heart of the oak healing winds is great
    -Relic- Solael’s Decimation vit damage +1 to occult decimation on hit more vit damage

Play style

Throw down Storm totem-soften them up and get the life from fangs
Curse of Frailty- lowers resist and slows down a tad from Bloody Pox
Bloody Pox- let the bleeding begin
Devouring Swarm- REND REND everywhere
Use Blood Thirster when needed more bleeding more health to you

BriarThorn acts as a meat shield to crazed badies, boost to damage and resist
Familiar acts as a free life potion from time to time and it’s lighting strike looks cool and does pretty decent damage especially early game
HellHound procs the falcon and it’s bleeding goodness like crazy plus you can blow him/her up and knock out enemy health

all your other procs just start covering the screen and melts the enemies, I’m in the Underground City and haven’t had too much of a problem thus far. Let me know what you think of if you try it out.

(*Augments go with whatever you need for resist right now 50% of my stuff doesn’t have anything on it, I did use on weapon and off hand an augment that adds damage to undead as they will be the hardest to kill from bleeding and vit damage)

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While still destroying all maps hit my first rockblock last night. The boss at fort ikon commander luciuos (or whatever its name is) is destoying me can’t dent him. Getting one shotted left and right, oh well on to my next build; forcewave, olexas flash freeze, panetti’s. Goimg for if the enemy can’t move can’t hit me I win build.

Update 2:

After 30 mins and lots of deaths killed commander lucious. Couldn’t even touch the sentinal. At this point I might make it to level 85 cause I’m close but I think the verdit here is this build won’t be end game viable; SoT, BoC and PV would probably be doable up to boss then you’d be screwed. I’d dare say Loggy would take an hour or more as well. Not wasting the time. {took at least 20 mins to kill logy, didn’t die but very slow.