Pet build gear choices

Hey folks,

I recently got into grim dawn and im having a blast thus far.
i am only 20 hours in and my highest char is a lvl 50 blademaster, but i started leveling a pet cabalist (20 now) and read a few guides and i would like to know if i understood it correctly:

-pets dont benefit from my weapon dps
-pets dont benefit from any modifier except the bonus to pet afixes

so all i am looking for in items is the bonus to pet affixes and defensive stuff ?
i dont need +all damage, +attack speed, +physical dmg and i dont even need +offensive ?

thx alot :slight_smile:

Pets don’t benefit from your weapon damage no.

You’re right that they benefit from any stat beneath “Bonus to all Pets” but it’s also worth noting that they also benefit from auras. You can usually tell if something is an aura as it will be a buff with a radius to it. Blood of Dreeg for instance is an aura so pets will get all of it’s benefits including the instant heal when used.

Auras that affect pets/allies will also show up as small icons underneath their icons.

Depends on your pets, playing a necro with skeletons there’s no room under the skeletons icon to show anything :wink:

Well, skellies from Necro don’t show up where the other pets do anyway. :wink: