Pet Build - Question

Should i keep my resistances like this and go with higher pet damage or should i lower the pet damage and increase my resistances?

And the second question - why is Avatar of Mogdrogen so hard to kill on Elite? I had no problems killing him on Normal difficulty.

As long as you can manage to comfortably stay alive you can keep pumping up the damage

Idd as long as u dont have problems dying go for more dmg

imho your resistances are totally fine for a summoner. If you run into Nemesis in Ultimate, you pop the proper resistance potion and some of the Jelly ones and you should be good to go. The only one I’d be worried about is Poison, which really hurts on Ultimate. Chaos, you’d have to up a little bit if you want to do Bastion runs or for the Log fight. Do you have Black Legion rep maxed?