Pet Build, which is the best for Campaign, don't care about crucible

Hi guys

When AOM first released I made a skele Necro build but abandoned it around lvl60 or so as the skeletons were pretty weak back then.

Recently I figured I would try a pure pet Build again as it seems maybe Pets are a bit better now.

Forgetting Crucible as I simply do not play it or have any interest In it, I am looking for a pure PVE pet Build that can comfortably clear everything including Ultimate AOM… what do people recommend?

Cheers all

I made a lightning build back… idk when.
Skeletons still die fast, but deal the most damage too. About the damage this character deals, it’s kinda low when not buffed, because around 30k per big pet (non-skeleton), but if you proc your rings, you annihilate everything. Some (most) nemesis monsters die before you press all your buttons. I usually press only 4 or 5 buttons before, for example, Fabius or Mosillauke dies.

Devotions can be changed if you don’t like them. I had no idea what to add when I made this build and never bothered changing them because build worked well.

There are definitely other, better builds out in the build section or in the possession of other players.
Go nuts, it’s built for crucible but tears through main campaign like butter (excluding ravager and mogdrogen)

How much items do you have?

Will have a look when I fire it up later and report back

I had fun with this guy in campaign, not a popular concept either and it performs really well. Might update it in FG

GT is in video description:

This is definitely the best answer. Bonus is that having no dedicated set its something that can be put together in increments and many items can be substituted until you get your end gear. There is also some play available in devotions - i personally dropped hourglass for ishtak and also use fiendflesh mantle/have a point in torment. Makes for a much tougher build with still 90%+ of the damage.

Also tears through cruci 150 like a hot knife through butter (170 is also very quick, but requires somes excellent piloting)


Sigatrev’s builds really fun to play.You can find the builds:

I went with deceiver and now that one my favourite build .It was my first pet build and I really liked it.Now I start to try my own pet builds:)

I prefer campaign over crucible and Familiars are really good at campaign.They can kill Lokarr within few seconds.

I’m trying Sigatrevs build out, 79 now and moved my skills across and devotions etc. I don’t have any of the bits, well actually I have a the ring and belt in the bank for when I’m high enough, and I have some non mythical version of some of the bits and it’s tearing through the game, currently on Elite just about to enter Necropolis.

So far so good :slight_smile: