Pet Builds in Grimarillion - A Full Guide

This guide will show the ins and outs of creating a pet build in Grimarillion. GQ and D3 classes bring more than double the amount of pets that the vanilla classes bring, giving us access to many more class choices and viable ideas. Not only do we have more pets, but new skills and equipment convert damage in ways pet builds had not seen before, so even traditional class choices can bring something new. Not only will I go through summoner gameplay, I will be using player-scaled pets as well. They operate on a completely different plane from summoner builds, but hey, pets are pets, and the more opportunity to have a horde of minions piling on boss enemies, the better.

First thing in order is choosing your Masteries. Ideally, you would like to pick a Primary Pet class that gives you durable pets from the beginning. Your secondary class should be chosen to complement your primary class, either through giving your pets additional damage, synergistic RR to go with your pets’ damage, skills that provide Resistances, or even additional pets to give cover or hide in the shadows and multiply your DPS while your Primary pets keep the attention of enemies.

Fully Sufficient (not wholly reliant on items for additional pets): GQ Nature (12 Wolves, 6 Thorn Sprites, 1 Nymph, 1 Force of Nature); Necromancer (10 Skeletons, 3 Wraiths, 3 Blight Fiends); D3 Witch Doctor (10 Tikis with Zunimassa, 4 Burning Dogs, 1 Gargantuan), D3 Necro (8 Skeletons, 1 Bone Golem); GQ Spirit (6 Skeletons, Bone Fiend, Lich King, Outrider)

Somewhat Sufficient (either reliant on items or can suffice with another class in this category): Shaman with Beastcallers (2 Briarthorns, Primal Spirit), Occultist (2 Ravens with Bysmiel’s Set, Hellhound), GQ Storm (Winter Sprite), GQ Earth (Core Dweller), GQ Dream (Nightmare)

Supporting Role: Zenith Riftstalker, Zenith Terror Knight, GQ Rogue, GQ Hunting, Inquisitor, Arcanist, D3 Crusader, D3 Monk

Classes with Exclusive Skills: Nature, Shaman, Necro, D3 Monk, D3 Crusader, GQ Dream, Inquisitor

It is best not to combine two classes that are reliant on their Exclusive skills - especially for the supporting role classes that do not add much to pet builds if you can’t utilize their Exclusive skills.

Sources of large pet health: Occultist (Bonds of Bysmiel), Witch Doctor (Jungle Fortitude), Nature (Heart of Oak), D3 Necromancer (Commander of the Risen Dead*)

Sources of pet damage: Shaman (Emboldening Prescence + Primal Bond - Exclusive), Occultist (Manipulation), Witch Doctor (Midnight Feast), D3 Necromancer (Commander of the Risen Dead*)

*Commander of the Risen Dead causes all of your pets Physical damage to be converted into Aether damage, so either focus on Aether (and Physical converted into Aether) or use pets that don’t have Physical damage (Lightning synergizes best with Aether since Widow reduces both Aether and Lightning RR)

Classes with Resistances for Pets
Occultist - Physical, Poison and Acid, Elemental
Shaman - Physical, Pierce, Bleeding
Witch Doctor - Physical, Poison and Acid, Vitality, Fire, Cold (no Lightning…)
Nature - Elemental, Pierce
Earth - Pierce, Chaos
Inquisitor - Aether, Chaos
Rogue - Poison & Acid, Vitality
Storm - Pierce
D3 Monk [Exclusive] - Poison and Acid, Elemental, Bleeding
D3 Crusader [Exclusive] - Vitality, Aether, Chaos
Terror Knight - Pierce, Elemental

One of the largest requirements to ensuring that your pet build will survive through Ultimate Grimmest is being able to reduce your enemies’ Resistances. Giving your pets large amounts of flat damage and damage bonuses are useless if you run into an enemy that has 90% resistances to your pets’ main source of damage. This is especially troublesome with Vitality damage, as common trash mobs can easily have over 100% resistance to this damage type.

One class that has a resistance reducing skill is mandatory; both classes having resistance reducing skills is recommended. Also added to this list are classes that have flat resistance reduction; having access to one of these skills means you don’t have to pick Manticore in your devotion bindings, giving you more freedom in choosing your Ultimate devotion set-up.

Classes with Stackable RR
Occultist - Physical, Bleeding, Elemental, Poison & Acid, Vitality
Shaman - Elemental, Vitality, Bleeding
Nature - Physical, Elemental, Poison & Acid
Earth - Physical, Fire, Chaos
Storm - Vitality, Aether, Elemental
Spirit - Vitality, Aether
Witch Doctor - Fire, Cold, Poison & Acid
D3 Necromancer - Cold, Aether, Poison & Acid, Vitality
Rogue - Poison & Acid, Vitality, Pierce, Bleeding
Hunting - Physical, Pierce, Elemental, Bleeding
Riftstalker - Pierce, Aether, Chaos
Inquisitor - Pierce, Aether, Chaos, Elemental [Exclusive]
Dream - Vitality, Chaos

Demon Hunter - Pierce, Elemental, Bleeding
Necrotic - Poison & Acid, Aether, Chaos, Pierce
Champion - Physical, Elemental, Aether, Chaos
Defense - Physical, Pierce
Warfare - Physical, Bleeding
Wizard - Elemental
Barbarian - Physical, Fire
Oathkeeper - Physical, Fire, Bleeding OR Poison & Acid, Vitality
Nightblade - Cold, Pierce, Poison & Acid
Demolitionist - Elemental, Chaos, Aether

Classes with Sources of Flat RR
Demolitionist - Blackwater Cocktail
Witch Doctor - Fire Wall (Elemental), Plague (All Damage)
D3 Necromancer - Bone Spear (All Damage)
Warfare - War Horn (Physical)

Soldier - War Cry (Physical)
Demon Hunter - Marked for Death
Crusader - Shattered Ground (Elemental), Divine Guard
Elementalist - Stormbolt (Elemental)

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Leveling: Fallen Gods Update: Grimmest now has the option of turning off extra summons until you are ready to take on the greater challenge. I highly recommend it, especially for someone trying to understand how the various skills come together. For a first character, I would go with one of the following three options:

  1. Go for very sturdy pets from the get-go. Spirit Skeletons, Nature Wolves, Shaman Briarthorns, and Occultist Ravens are appropriate examples. Necro Skeletons (Both Vanilla and D3) should be avoided as they don’t do enough damage to withstand Grimmest Hero packs and their fragility will constantly frustrate you.

  2. Go for a strong early-game leveling skill and then respec to pets once you have the appropriate gear that gives bonuses to pets. Some examples include:

  • Arcanists level early game with OFF + Fireblast component skill; this strategy is now more powerful considering the increase in trash mobs who are vulnerable to freeze. Pet classes that go with Arcanist: Nature
  • Cabalists not only have access to one of the best pet builds in the game, but Nightmare’s Vitality Cabalist can get through much of the game in nothing but faction gear. If you have second thoughts about whether you’d want to run a pet build, Vitality Cabalist can transition into the Dark One’s Set. Unlike most Legendary gear in the game, the gear for this set can be farmed in one confined area, making it far easier to gear than other builds reliant on Legendary sets.
  • Shamans can level with Devouring Swarm. Shaman and Storm can combine for 90% Vitality RR at the beginning stages, then transition into pets when Swarm is no longer a viable damage source. Then you can transition into either Cold Pets or Lightning Pets, depending on what gear you have at the time.
  • Riftstalker has the capability of getting 250% Crit damage fairly early in the game and can work well with pet- or player-scaled pets
  • Witch Doctor has Poison Spiders + Fire Bats and can also go pet- or player-scaled pets depending on gear.
  1. Play a player-scaled pet build. Player-scaled pets run completely different from pet-scaled pets: instead of aiming for summoner gear with pet bonuses, you play your character like a regular character and go for your preferred damage type while shoring up your resistances and armor. As pet-related common gear (yellow + green equipment) gives very poor pet Health and resistances at early levels, being able to choose green gear with good resists and armor for the player is a big advantage over going for full pet-scaled pets as a first character.

Equipment: Once you get your main pet skill to 16/16, focus on keeping yourself alive through resists. Take any green equipment that has “of Kings” suffix; not only does it do a valuable service reducing Stun Duration, but it provides an Aura that benefits you and your pets. Obviously, equipment that has pet bonuses should be taken under consideration, but do not destroy your resistances just to give your pets more damage. Vendor equipment is prohibitively expensive - use the iron you’re saving up for relic crafting and buying Faction gear.

Components: You can no longer put Weapon components on jewelry as of Forgotten Gods, but you can apply new gemstones courtesy of the D3 mod. Of the new gemstones, Diamonds are the best, as they provide valuable Elemental resistance and the ring slot is not highly contested if you can provide high OA/DA elsewhere. The base game Forgotten Gods provides valuable amounts of augments that can provide high levels of flat OA or DA that can match nearly any damage type or playstyle.

Relics: The level 18 pet relics (Razor Claw, Summoner Totem) will suffice very well into and past Elite, as flat damage is always a good bonus to give to your pets. Use the time and levels to gear up and build up your component stash before thinking of taking on the Mythical Relics. Once you reach Ultimate, Thloth’s Glory is a wonderful Mythical Relic that is reasonably easy to craft (although definitely expensive), requires no random relic BP drops, gives +All Skills, has a full sheet of secondary resistances, and provides over 350(!) flat DA debuff.

Satyr Crafting: If you’re playing a GQ or Zenith class (and I’d highly recommend playing one of the GQ pet builds first to get a hang of Grimmest), you can craft items at the Satyr that give +skills to those classes. Titanslayer is the name of the GQ classes - simply bring enough Scrap for 10-15 rolls at a time, and you’re sure to get something for your class. This is very valuable for medals in particular, as if you don’t have all the items for a full pet set, medals are something of a free slot. As you increase in levels, the bonuses of your affixes get better, so make sure you periodically craft these to get a good combination you want. Since FG was released, all the +All Skills rings have been removed, so there is no shame in using Satyr craft to give bonuses to GQ or Zenith classes.

All Skills: While vanilla had only a very select few items that granted +1 to All Skills, Grimarillion is much more generous with providing items that give all skill bonuses. This is especially necessary for non-vanilla class combos that have very few equipment pieces that grant skill bonuses to any of their useful abilities. In addition, these items grant great resistance bonuses that the vanilla +All Skills items did not have access to.

The newest versions of Grimarillion no longer has +All Skills rings, but there are enough options between the new GQ rings and D3 rings that a synergistic build will be able to find something that fits the build like a glove.

Short Term Buffs: Using short term buffs key to making boss battles quicker and easier. You definitely want to put enough points to reach a breakthrough point, then invest as much as you feel is necessary depending on the cooldown of the skill. Examples of short term buffs are Call of the Grave (Necro), Frenzy (D3 Necro), Battle Standard (GQ Warfare), Eye on the Hunt (GQ Hunting), and Strands of Fate (GQ Spirit). Having high levels of CDR, using Time Dilation, or finding Mythical Equipment that provides flat cooldown reduction will shorten the cooldown for these skills so that you can use them repeatedly. Numerous equipment pieces also grant short term buffs for pets - they are not affected by CDR but will have their cooldowns reduced when you use Time Dilation.

Healing Skills: Multiple sources of healing is very much encouraged - instant AoE Heals like Blood of Dreeg, Word of Renewal, Woodlore Remedy, Breath of Heaven, & Tree of Life devotion are incredibly useful when leveling and will continue to be of great use no matter what you decide to do with your pets. Nature’s Kodama skill focuses more on Health Regeneration - since pets will have 3-4X the amount of Health that you do, it is advised to use the instant heals for leveling and specialize in the Kodama when you have devotions like Behemoth and Tree of Life to help bolster you and your pets’ Health regeneration.

Circuit Breakers: Diablo 3 classes are very generous in giving out circuit breaker skills. These skills are passive abilities that activate once your health reaches a certain threshhold. Once the threshhold is reached, the character either receives a large heal, damage absorption, or some combination of the 2. Examples include Monk’s Near-Death Experience, Witch Doctor’s Spirit Vessel, D3 Necromancer’s Final Service, & Spirit’s Death Absorption. For classes who do not have a natural circuit breaker, [Mythical] Mark of Divinity also has the same type of circuit breaker, but the medal slot faces serious competition.

Devotions: There are multiple early-game devotion routes that are good to consider. Physical pets are a safe route to pick for a first character as the most durable pets do purely Physical damage and most monsters don’t have high resistance to Physical like Undead enemies do for Bleeding or other monsters for Vitality:

Use your first 5 devotion points to get Scorpion Sting - the reduced DA helps your pets land hits more and in a game filled with loads of extra trash monsters, giving your pets AoE helps immensely in reducing the clutter. You can make various arrangements like forgoing Quill (or Scorpion) for Falcon (the nodes are junk and the skill is mediocre, but extra AoE for your pets is extra AoE), forgoing some resistance nodes in Empty Throne and respeccing out of Scorpion for Huntress proc which also has 5% pet OA, but keep to the general Green + Purple affinities and rush for Mogdrogen the Wolf as pet OA and total Speed are rare commodities for people leveling up pet builds for the first time: in my experience, it’s only when you have a full stash of blueprints (for rare components like Eldritch Mirror) and Legendary pet gear do you have enough pet OA and Speed so that Mogdrogen is not nearly as necessary and you can go for other devotion set-ups like Ishtak and Dying God. If you’re wondering why I go for Attak Seru, the 4 nodes I choose provide 50 + 3% DA alongside much needed Pierce Resistance, it’s basically a nearly equivalent constellation to Solemn Watcher that fits your affinities. You will need good sources of DA so that you don’t get Crit in Ultimate.

Playing Through the Game: What I tend to do for game content is complete the game (including AoM) in Veteran, go up to Barrowhelm for Elite, and then run through the game in Ultimate only when you’re fully equipped and comfortable taking on AoM Nemeses. You don’t have to worry about taking on Barrowhelm’s questionable morality choices: you can get to Revered status very easily by siding with them in Veteran and fighting Chthonics. Once you have revered status, re-visit them in Veteran and purchase as many Ravager Eyes (+ a few Potent versions for Staves and 2-Handers) as you’re content with.

Make sure you reach the Malmouth rifts before reaching Nemesis status with Chthonics. Grava’Thul is regarded as one of the most challenging Nemesis encounters in the game, as not only does it have high mobility and great damage skills, but it has the ability to strip you of your buffs. For most characters, this is a death sentence. Tread warily when fighting this character, even if you are filled with Legendary gear.

If you are playing an Aether or a Chaos dominated class, it is much preferred to be friendly with Barrowhelm. Reaper of the Lost has 97% Resistance to both Aether and Chaos damage, hits extremely hard, and summons Wraiths that debuff you with stackable RR. Necromancers side by Order of Death’s Vigil by default, while Inquisitors side by Kymon’s.

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D3 Necro - 100% Physical to Aether
Arcanist - 45% Physical to Elemental
Occultist - 45% Physical to Chaos
Earth - 40% Physical to Fire
Rogue - 40% Physical to Acid
Necro - 25% Physical to Vitality

Guardian of Death’s Gate - 100% Physical to Vitality
Stormbringer of Malmouth - 100% Vitality to Lightning
Crown of the Winter King - 100% Lightning to Cold
Dreeg’s Mark of Chills (FG) - 100% Fire to Cold
Hellfire Tome - 100% Cold to Chaos
Bane of the Winter King - 50% Physical to Cold
Crown of the Winter King - 50% Physical to Cold
Manifestarius (FG) - 50% Physical to Elemental
Spiritbinder Glyph - 50% Elemental to Vitality
Hellfire Tome - 50% Physical to Chaos
Voidwhisper Rings - 50% Vitality to Chaos
Bonescavenger Grips - 50% Physical to Vitality
Ghol’s Mark (FG) - 50% Vitality to Acid
Bysmiel’s Mark (FG) - 50% Vitality to Elemental
Bysmiel’s Mindweaver (FG) - 45% Physical to Elemental
Bysmiel’s Stormbreaker (FG) - 45% Fire to Lightning
Yugol’s Ichor (FG) - 33% Physical to Acid
Voidwhisper Band - 33% Physical to Chaos (on proc)
Bysmiel’s Authority (FG) - 33% Acid to Elemental
Bysmiel’s Influence (FG) - 33% Acid to Elemental
Bysmiel’s Authority (FG) - 25% Physical to Elemental
Bysmiel’s Influence (FG) - 25% Physical to Elemental
Spark of Ultos - 25% Physical to Lightning
Deathrite Handguards (FG) - 25% Physical to Vitality
Glyph of Kelphat’Zoth - 25% Physical to Lightning (on proc)

On top of class abilities, weapons can provide additional Physical conversion. When combined with class abilities that offer 25% conversion, you can have builds that have up to 65%-70% Physical to an Elemental Type if you have a 25-30% conversion weapon and over 80% conversion if you have a 50% conversion weapon.

Adding flat Physical damage is very useful for conversion builds, especially for damage types that don’t have much flat damage to begin with. An example of this is Menhir’s Bastion, which not only provides good Physical damage to be converted, but provides an AoE heal if you’re finding that keeping your pets’ uptime is more hassle than fun. Be warned, however, that Physical to Elemental damage is the least beneficial, as it is divided by 3 to account for the 3 Elemental types. It is more beneficial to go for one of the Elemental types (Fire, Cold or Lightning) and only use Elemental for builds that specifically build for all three types at once.

The most important thing to consider when making a conversion build is to ensure that you have the RR to make the conversion worthwhile. Most classes’ RR skills account for both the original and converted types, but when you’re considering a secondary class to go with your primary class, make sure the class benefits more from the conversion than if you went with the original damage type in the first place.

[ul][li]Nature - Summon Wolf: 98-147 Physical Damage at 16/16[/li]
[li]Nature - Summon Nymph: 68-136 Physical / Piercing Damage at 16/16,[/li]94 Elemental Damage and 117 Poison Damage over 3 seconds if you 12/12 Nature’s Wrath
[li]Nature - Force of Nature: 609-963 Physical Damage (I assume the first ability is its default attack?) at 16/16[/li]
[li]Spirit - Skeleton: 52-85 Physical Damage, 66 Bleeding Damage over 2 seconds at 16/16[/li]40 Vitality Damage if you 12/12 Relentless Evil
[li]Spirit - Bone Fiend: 66-143 Physical Damage, 102 Vitality Damage, 102 Aether Damage at 16/16[/li]
[li]Spirit - Lich King: 68 Vitality Damage, 68 Aether Damage, & 130 Elemental Damage at 16/16[/li]
[li]Spirit - Outrider: 233 Aether Damage, 233-284 Elemental Damage at 16/16[/li]
[li]Earth - Core Dweller: 116-193 Physical Damage, 128-214 Fire Damage at 16/16[/li]
[li]Storm - Wisp: 73-293 Lightning Damage at 16/16[/li]85-113 Elemental Damage with Eye of the Storm at 12/12
[li]Dream - Nightmare: 57 Physical Damage, 57 Vitality Damage, 114 Electrode Damage over 2 seconds at 16/16[/li]
[li]Witch Doctor - Burning Dogs: 48-67 Physical Damage, 49 Cold Damage at 16/16,[/li]Burning Dogs does 308 Burn Damage over 2 seconds
[li]Witch Doctor - Gargantuan: 300-342 Physical Damage at 16/16[/li]450 Poison Damage over 3 seconds with its Poison Aura that you unlock at 16/16
[li]Witch Doctor - Tikis: 159-176 Physical Damage at 12/12[/li]
[li]D3 Necro - Command Skeletons: 68 Physical Damage, 31 Aether Damage at 16/16 (7 Skeletons Limit)[/li]
[li]D3 Necro - Skeleton Archer: 56 Piercing Damage, 30 Cold Damage at 12/12 (4 Skeletons Limit)[/li]
[li]D3 Necro - Bone Golem: 230-280 Physical Damage, 194-240 Aether Damage at 16/16 [/li]Aether Damage can be converted to either Physical or Vitality damage, and Physical damage can be converted into Cold damage
[li]Shaman - Briarthorn: 162-209 Physical Damage, 123 Bleeding Damage / sec at 16/16[/li]
[li]Shaman - Conjure Primal Spirit: 308-328 Physical Damage, 84 Bleeding Damage / sec at 12/12[/li]
[li]Occultist - Raven: 126-147 Lightning Damage, 117 Electrocute Damage / sec at 16/16[/li]25 Elemental Damage with 12/12 Storm Spirit
[li]Occultist - Hellhound: 68-76 Physical Damage, 79 Fire Damage at 16/16[/li]25 Chaos Damage with 12/12 Hellfire
[li]Necro - Raise Skeletons: 60-76 Physical Damage, 20 Vitality Damage at 16/16 [/li]15 extra Vitality damage through 12/12 Will of the Crypt
[li]Necro - Summon Blight Fiend: 202-286 Physical Damage, 150 Poison Damage / sec at 16/16[/li]
[li]Necro - Reap Spirit: 224 Cold Damage, 172-260 Vitality Damage at 16/16[/ul][/li]
This post remains a work in progress

Player Scaled Pets:
Wizard - Mirror Image - Elemental + Cold, Hydra - Fire / Lightning / Cold
Witch Doctor - Corpse Spiders - Acid + Vitality, Slaved Soul - Cold + Vitality
D3 Necro - Bone Spirit - Cold + Vitality
Monk - Mystic Ally - Physical + Lightning, Cyclone - Electrocute
Demon Hunter - Rain of Vengeance with Cold Transmuter (Not exactly a pet, but pelting your enemies with dead birds is too funny to pass up)
Crusader - Phalanx - Physical + Fire, Ray of Heaven - Fire + Lightning
Warfare - Ancestral Horn - Physical + Pierce + Bleeding
Champion - Army of None - Physical + Lightning + Aether
Defense - Echoes of the Ancestors - Physical
Rogue - Epiales - Physical + Vitality (Acid if using transmuter)
Rogue - Lay Trap - Pierce + Bleeding
Outrider - Arcane Assault - Cold + Acid + Vitality
Nightblade - Blade Spirit - Piercing + Cold + Bleeding

Relics + Items
Nemesis - Pierce + Cold
Deathstalker - Physical + Acid + Bleeding
Ethereal Veil - Cold + Vitality
Tongue of Flame - Elemental + Fire
Manitou - Cold + Vitality

Raise the Dead - Vitality + Aether
Elemental Seekers - Elemental
Unknown Soldier - Pierce + Bleeding

As the amount of player conversions through items is absolutely massive, I will instead compile conversion through skills:
Riftstalker [Zenith] - 100% Chaos to Aether, 100% Aether to Chaos
Elementalist [Zenith] - 100% Elemental to Fire / Cold / Lightning [individually]
Occultist - 100% Poison to Chaos [when equipping Darkblaze Source]
Hunting [GQ] - 50% Pierce to Fire [Apollo’s Blessing]
Dream [GQ] - 50% Chaos to Aether [Boon of the Morpheus]
Arcanist - 50% Aether to Cold [Star Pact]
Oathbreaker [FG] - 50% Fire to Acid [Path of the Three]

This post remains a work in progress

This post will serve as filler for FAQs, additional points and suggested ideas.

I’ll update the thread as I complete the WIP parts, but I posted what I will be focusing on as I fill in the missing pieces. Fire away!

This is the power of god!!!:p:p:p

Considering all the classes in this mod, I have ZERO idea what gear I should eventually get for Earth/Nature (currently lvl49 starting Act 2 Veteran). Guessing I can always use GD Stash to change in later difficulties but for now Core Dweller is an almost unstoppable tank.

Decided to go with Earth/Occultist as my pet build. 2 pets that both deal fire damage, Curse of Frailty to debuff and Blood of Dreeg to heal and well as Bonds of Bysmiel and Manipulation to buff pets.

Are there seriously names for every single possible mastery combo?

Are there seriously names for every single possible mastery combo?

Yes, it was a massive project, and just think - there’s still like 10 slots or so for more masteries. Thankfully the community pitched in for most of it.

Just wow. And there are already 29 masteries in the mod (and gonna have to come up with even more named once Forgotten Gods drops). Just how many possible mastery combo’s are there? It is fun to play Titan Quest masteries in Grim Dawn (I loved Core Dweller and its taunt aura).

Glad you’re enjoying the TQ masteries. Total combos uhh… it’s around 400ish I think…

That is absolutely insane. It is very interesting to see people approximate Diablo 3 classes here in Grim Dawn since over there you get rail-roaded into certain skills based on the set you use. And you’ll still need to add least 30 more names once Forgotten Gods drops in a few months.

Edit:And I just realized its gonna be a major PITA to put together the right gear, components and augments for my Firelord (still love that combo name)since GrimTools isn’t compatible with Grimarillion.

So hard to try and come up with the right gear for Occultist/Earth build. Shepherd of Lost Souls set would allow a second Hellhound but most of the set bonuses and individual skill bonuses are wasted since the set is mostly for Cabalist.

Yeah, you will have to mix and match uniques. You can use the satyr crafter to get specific earth bonuses to fill the gaps and use occultist gear for other stuff.

There are no items that are for mixing masteries from different mods (or vanilla GD). You won’t find a Occultist/Earth set, and I don’t plan on supporting such things. That is beyond the scope of possibility. Remember how we discussed how many combo possiblities there were? Yeah… I’m not interested in making 400 unique sets, which would be something like what, 2000 items for 5 piece sets? And that is if I do 1 set per class, of course there are many ways for a mastery to be played so…


Yeah, I’m attempting to mix and match stuff. The only granted pet skill I can find is still the Grimoire of Og’Napesh Unique caster off0hand. I liked the lvl35 relic that gave the wyvern but I would have loved for it to have been a permanent pet rather then constantly resummoning it. Managing to hit lvl73 while still on Veteran (kinda cheesing it with the XP potion from Ashes of Malmouth) means I’ll mostly have to make due with uniques unless I use GDStash to get the gear I need.

Edit:I really do need experienced help with this. Except for resists (which I’ll do once I hit Elite and Ultimate), have only managed to hit about 11.3K HP

Where do i begin im only 35 but this build has crazy potential especially if u invest in farming scraps early on and can use the satyr to make +1 champion gear with +1 accessories u can hit +8 on champions skills my pets are already sitting at 23/16 and 16/10 on (with reckless abandon) … whats makes it even more boss is that all the buffs are 8/8 which means u only are investing one one point to cap them… just madness the way im mowing shit down on grim . i havent even started using my devotion points yet as im not sure my path just yet but just wanted to pop in nice job…

Trying my hand at the Witch Doctor + Storm, lack of Grimtools makes it really hard to come up with the proper gear. Any chance you could list all the items you used? And some of the gear doesn’t even show up in Grimtools like the rings you talked about in the description in the other thread.

If you’re going the same route as me, go for either Lightning or Aether and do 2H auto-attack depending on how good your weapon is. Legion Warblade is the fastest 2H weapon you can guarantee as a faction, otherwise just find any good Lightning / Aether sword you can get. After you get Finger of Boreas, rush the Champion Mastery. The last passive on the bottom row is the one that has the 500% Weapon Damage, so you can either cap that or go for the pets.

Devotion route for starters is:
Crossroads Primordial
Eel or Sailor’s Guide
Widow (or do Widow/Kraken depending on whether you need damage or RR

Combine the Kraken constellation with great passives and 2H autoattack and you’ll be golden.

Unfortunately, Grimtools is not compatible with mods, otherwise I’d just upload my builds through there. I will put an equipment list for all my builds in the posts themselves, I just have to sit down and make the lists (and stop thinking of new builds to tests first ;))

Here are the items I used:
Head, Chest, Off-hand, Gloves, and Pants: Mythical Zunimassa Set
Shoulders and Boots: Mythical Fiendflesh Mantle / Boots respectively
Belt: Mythical Voidmancer’s Belt (to give pets extra Lightning damage + Resistance)
Rings: Black Pearl Rings (made at the Satyr)
Amulet: Polaris (Chosen for +1 to All Skills, Elemental Resistance and Skill Energy Cost reduction, if you can’t get it, craft Black Pearl Pendant at the Satyr as that also gives you Elemental Resistance and +1 to All Skills)
Weapon: Kwan Yin’s Final Mercy (Chosen for +2 to Storm Mastery and extra +2 to the Wisp’s extra skill). Other weapons you can choose include Silence, Rimescythe, or the EarthShaker. The first two are swords in case you can’t get enough Cunning to equip the spear while having enough DA, and EarthShaker is another spear that gives you +2 to Storm.
Medal: Satyr Craft, +1 to Storm prefix and “of the Wild” for suffix
Relic: Bysmiel’s Domination with 3% DA bonus

New Ring component is Royal Topaz that also has Energy Cost Reduction. Ugdenbog Leather is a pain to craft, but nothing beats it when it comes to giving you Resistances + DA. Seal of Might, Purified Salt and Imbued Silver are the remaining components for Weapon + Rings. Augments go for whatever patches your resistances, I use mine to patch up Aether, Chaos and Pierce.

FYI those 2 swords (rimescythe and silence) don’t actually drop… those are WIP items that I started before AOM are probably to be completely different when I actually work on them (should be soon) with AOM bonuses (item modifiers). I recently drafted up a plan for these swords so they will probably be added in after the next update. If you want to discuss these items you can send me a PM about them, what you like about them, what you would like to see them for, etc.