Pet Conjurer - looking for tips on further optimization

Hello! I’ve gotten my first character, a pet conjurer, to level 100, and have mostly been farming nemeses and roguelike dungeons, which have been going fine. My initial goal was to complete the Nature’s Call set, and having done that, I’m not entirely sure what to aim for next. So I figured I’d post here and see if any more experienced players had suggestions on how I could optimize further.

This is the current state of the character:

I initially referred to the conjurer build in Maya’s “Carnival” guide, but ended up diverging from it significantly according to my own preferences. In particular, I really liked primal spirit, so I leaned hard into that.

I have a swap setup that gets me to 26/16 on briarthorn, and it also includes the bloodsworn codex with “total damage modified by 20% to summon briarthorn”. I believe these things snapshot on summon (though I could be wrong about that), so I use it when bringing out my pets at the start of a session. If one or both of my briarthorns dies, though, I have to bring out slightly weaker ones, since it’s a bit hectic/risky to do swaps in the middle of a boss fight.

One issue is that my damage types are all over the place and other than CoF, my only res reduction is ele storm, which only applies to a portion of my damage. That leads me to several possible routes I can take:

A) Focus entirely on elemental damage and elemental conversion. Conversion would be achieved through the two bysmiel’s rings, which I have, and Bysmiel’s Mindweaver, which I don’t have. Skills and devo would stay mostly the same but I’d have to drop a few points from things to make room for wind devil for more -ele res.

B) Focus on physical, which is my dominant damage type currently anyway. I’d drop elemental storm and turtle shell (maybe?) for assassin’s blade, take toad for pet ADCH and affinity requirements, put a bit more into Mogdrogen’s Pact for flat/% phys, possibly drop some levels in raven for that. With either Bysmiel’s Iris or Veilpiercer (neither of which I’ve found yet), I will have 3 forms of -phys res. Not sure what accessories to use with this setup.

C) Focus on bleed. Probably won’t do this since it’d require large scale changes. Maybe on another character.

Anyway, sorry for the length of the post. Just not entirely sure what my goal is now. I welcome any feedback that will help get me closer to the endpoint of having pets with a billion HP and a billion DPS. Thank you.

First of all welcome to the forums and glad to hear that my guide was of some use :stuck_out_tongue:

I would advise to focus on Elemental personally. Bysmiel’s Mindweaver’s Blueprint can be bought from the Bysmiel faction in FG. So, it should be easy enough to get.