Pet Conjurer - Moggy the Puppy!

Finally got this thing finished in hardcore this week, started working on it from one of your older posts a while ago and just now got back around to it. I don’t understand pet mechanics that well in general but I really wouldn’t have thought to use hand of ultos for them.

The pets killed Kupacabra in the ancient grove while I was answering text messages and didn’t realize what they were fighting…1 briarthorn died.

10/10 build, wtf lol :D.

Glad to hear that the build is working as intended then :stuck_out_tongue:

And as @Theuberelite said, “anything that is 100% proc on crit seems amazing on pet builds”.

Does Cataclysm perform better than the extra pet from mythic black grimoire?

Yes. That pet isn’t particularly strong and the other bonuses from the grimoire are underwelming. Cataclysm’s Eye bonuses to skills and resistances are much more useful.

Cataclysm was used mainly for overcapping purposes. Like maxed familiars for example. The +1 to all skills it provides is great in general.

That said, you could replace it. But then you will have less points to play with and no maxed familiar means 1 less projectile each for the birds. Also you will have about 20 chaos res. to make up for. Plus the reduced stun duration which comes in handy at times.

Is Black Grimoire worth sacrificing all that? Personally I would say no. But if you are interested in using it, try

Note: You can replace the weapon to still get max familiars, but that would leave you with even less overall skill points.

Alternatively, here is an entirely different build with Og’Napesh

Damn, those Blind Fury results are even better than I expected. Can’t remember how I set it up when I tried it but I’m pretty sure this is a lot better than what I was using.

Nice job!

They were better than what I expected too. I like trying out new stuff so ty for putting it across me :smiley:

The blindfury CD is quite high, have you tried things like bear or boar procs? those are on a lower cooldown.

Er… Blindfury is on 1 sec CD…

Boar procs on Block. I don’t think pets use shields :stuck_out_tongue: (You can’t bind it to pets)

As for Bear, it is also on 1 sec CD…

I have done what I swore to myself that I’d never do. I have walked upon the path of chaos and corruption and find myself forever changed.

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls of all ages, I present to you:

The Chaos Puppy:

Crucible 151-170, 3x times with 4 Blessings + Vanguard Banner:
Pets weren’t micro’ed and I suck at piloting. You will probably get better times. No potions/consumables used as always.

Now, if you clicked on the GT link you will notice some blasphemous stuff. We aren’t going the traditional route of Witching Hour + Aeon & Dying god.
We are going full on Moggy :stuck_out_tongue:

Why? you might ask. I just wanted to see if I could do it with Moggy and as it turns out, we can! Btw, you can complete Bysmiel devotion for an extra pet, but I am too lazy to click another button so I put it in the first node of Wolverine for extra pierce res for pets. With the extra pet + good piloting, you can expect ~5 min runs.

I have a character with one of your other builds. This one also seems interesting. But wouldn’t the bonus to chaos from witching hour be better?

We lose a Seal of Might, a bunch of skill points, Chaos res etc and we don’t have Aeon to reduce CD on the active on WH. So, not really ideal here.

But if you must then, try something like

My memory fails me, the boar is indeed on shield, but the bull i think is on 0.6 second? Also scales from weapon damage.

in my experience, Bull is pretty unimpressive on Briarthorns and Primal Spirit (which are the main physical pets). It deals a fraction of their normal damage, proc only 25% of the time, and the range is so small that it will often miss the things they are attacking. It’s barely better than nothing and not better than either other options for pet Celestial Powers or pet bonuses from other constellations.

I did try using Bull and sadly my experience was also pretty much the same. I guess if your devotion path can use it, you have dev points to spare and a pet with no celestial power added to it, then sure. Otherwise, not really worth going out of your way to get it imo.

Wohoo, 10 min Crucible without blessings/banner/consumables :smiley: (on the chaos variant)

Wohoo, 10 min Crucible without blessings/banner/consumables :smiley: (on the chaos variant)

Also, allow me to introduce to you,

The Frozen Puppy:

Crucible 151-170, 3x times with 4 Blessings + Vanguard Banner:
No potions/consumables used. Not much else to say here :stuck_out_tongue:

This is maybe a silly question, so apologies if the answer is obvious…

I’m still pretty new, but came across a link to this build from a reddit thread, and I’m intrigued. Definitely adding it to my list to try out in the future.

One thing I did notice on the GT link is that Poison & Acid Resist is at -2%? Surely that’s not right? What am I missing here? :smiley: Or do you just not care about Poison/Acid damage with this build since the pets are in the fray and we’re safely removed from most such effects?

Awesome build, excited to give it a shot some day!

Did you have buffs turned on in grimtools?

Aspect of the Guardian (2nd part of blood of dreeg) gives +100 poison resist at 12/12

Aspect of the Guardian like the above poster said provides us with the needed poison res. since it has a 30 sec duration on a 15 sec cooldown, it is pretty much always on.

And glad that you like the build(s) :smiley: