Pet Death Knight

Descripition: vitality sturdy summoner that uses skeletons to clean the battlefield and a Ill Omen/Taunt combo to controll it.

Performance: Crucible 1-170 cleaned. Very active main character.

Pets: Skeletons
Active skills: Raise Skeletons, Ill Omen, Taunt/Terrify, Call of the Grave, Sovereign (Mythical Sovereign Ruby of Domination), Menrir’s Will

Toggle skills: Field Command, Spectral Binding/Spectral Whrath, Master of Death, Fiendmaster (Mythical Fiendmaster Raiment), Void Ward (imbued silver)

Passive skills: Military Conditioning, Scars of Battle, Frenzied Devotion (Bysmiel’s Domination), Unlife (Mythical Mark of Unlife)

Devotion skills: Turtle Shell, Dryad’s Blessing, Arcane Barrier, Nature’s Guardians, Shepherd’s Call.

Overview: gear and devotions highly focused in resistances, health and defensive ability. All resistances above the maximum for the character, most of them for the skeletons. Healing skills are present, but work slowly over time or only when health is below a certain amount.Taunt is the core of the strategy, and sinergyzes with other skills:

*Raise Skeletons: Taunt prevent most enemyes from attacking them, moving after the main character while the summonings do they work.

*Ill Omen: combined, they reduce enemy damage by 45%. Also, Ill Omen helps when the character is surrounded and needs room to flee. However, the synergy is not complete, because enemies seem to not get confused by Ill Omen imediatly after been taunted.

*Spectral Binding (Spectral Whrath): It requires the character to be hit to work, and provides good RR. Combined, they generate 45% vitality RR.

For a quickier floor clean, a Sovereing/Call of the Grave combo

The test in the Crucible was very relaxing most of the time. There were a few situations when the character almost died due to entrapment and surrounding by enemie heroes and bosses. The nemesis in general did not cause much trouble, but made me lose the time bonus many times.

I had to re summon the skeletons a lot, seven at a time and a maximum of twelve. They die quickly in the beginning of wakes above 160 due to floor damage, making less effectice the Sovereing/Call of the Grave combo. But in general they cleaned the screen very fast, only some nemesis caused touble (probably because of the deficient vitality RR of this build, mostly because Spectral Whrath itself sucks in a pet build, specially against ranged enemies and that ones that ignore taunt).

Thank you if you read to the end.

Completing Crucible without any banners/blessings is quite the achievement, and that DA is quite a high number. Few things I wanted to point out for your build, though:

  1. Your amulet slot is missing an augment.
  2. I’d really recommend replacing the head/torso component slots with Eldritch Mirror to increase pet speed. I know you’re using Bysmiel’s Domination, but that’s 20% Pet speed you’re leaving on the table.
  3. I switched up your Devotion set-up a bit, replacing Dryad’s Blessing with Healing Rain so that both you and your Skeletons get healed by the proc. Plus I gave your Skeletons Bull Rush to give them a bit better AoE capability.
  4. War Cry (Taunt as you call it) and Ill Omen don’t stack with each other, so you can remove the points from one of them entirely.
  5. Not having Bone Harvest + Soul Harvest on a Vitality pet build is a sin. You can take the extra points from things like Military Conditioning and one of the skills in point 4 and raise up the pet damage by a good number of flat.

Here’s what the final product would look like: definitely doesn’t have your DA but makes up for it with increased life and a better recovery move in Healing Rain.

Very interesting reply. Thank you.