Pet Items need more pet Resistances

Pet resistances have become more necessary as more and more difficult content arrives. Now that Patch removed all the Crucible spawn stuck points, you are easily overwhelmed by a huge number of enemies as well as difficult Nemesis encounters. Point-blank, you have to have your pet resistances capped if you want any chance of surviving. Some equipment slots have very little opportunity to provide pet resistances, so I’d like to rectify that by recommending the following items be buffed by granting pet resistances:

Mythical Touch of Command & Mythical Deathrite Handguards: As of now, the only item that grants any pet resistances is Mythical Touch of the Everliving Grove. The other Legendary pet gloves have very good offensive stats, so I choose a few Epic pet items to give you resistances. Mythical Touch of Command is only good if you have to max out 22/12 Hellfire, as the other skill bonuses aren’t that useful. Giving it a resistance will help it stand out where other gloves wouldn’t fit. Mythical Deathrite Handguards could be a defensive alternative to the Bonescavenger Grips.

Bysmiel-Sect Legguards & Mythical Wildshorn Legguards: The Wildshorn Legguards specifically are crucial for some pet builds as they are the only pet pants that give Physical Resistance. I would recommend at least some Bleeding resistance for these pants, as Cabalists have a hard time getting this resistance capped if you can’t afford to have multiple Seals of Might.

Mythical Rifthound Leather Boots & Mythical Deathwalker’s Grace: Due to the skill bonuses, there are very few reasons you want to use these items if you’re not desperate for those specific skills.

Dirge of Arkovia: Honestly, the Skeletal pet is not enough to overcome the Aether + Chaos resistance of Mogdrogen’s Ardor, or the proc given by Bysmiel’s Domination. I would recommend at least Elemental resistance for pets, as it matches what is given to the Summoner.

There are probably other pet items that can use resistances as well - I’m all for suggestions to make these underused items more appealing.



I would like to see more pet options myself. But I agree with what you say.

yes more pet resistance is needed, using Lost soul set I find it hard to get poison and elemental resist, while on other time pierce and bleed are harder to get

Can someone explain to me why one day I read pet builds are overpowered and easily destroy super bosses but then next day I see this?

Certain pet classes and item combinations make it trivial to get both the pet resistances needed to survive while getting the damage necessary to defeat the content that you mention. For example, pet Conjurers - through the Beastcaller’s Set and their skills - can easily obtain Elemental, Acid, Pierce, Aether, Chaos, and Physical Resistance.

This thread is for the sets and class combos that don’t have it so easy. Skeleton Necromancers, for example, struggle heavily if you are attempting a Skeleton build that doesn’t use the Lost Souls set.


Yes, set like Lost Soul need those resistance buff, here is my Cabalist for example, although it have more than 250% health, 1000% damage, and summon skeleton all maxed, Shar’zul still eat those skeleton as fast as the skill cooldown. Compared to Ghol and Nature Call set, this set still desperately need more resistance, you need to carefully choosing devotion to maintain the resist and hp as the skeleton is fragile (they’re about 20k health in this build) and when there is aoe damage from mob they just melt.

GrimTools doesn’t show it, but Storm Spirit and Aspect of the Guardian both apply to pets. Lost Souls Cabalists shouldn’t have too much trouble with those resistances.

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