Pet MI-Bases

Since Scorpius Pummeler got its base changed from mace to sceptre due to the vastly different likelyhood for pet affixes on those bases, i suggest, that Bargoll’s Core (mace atm) and Korvaak’s Burning Blade (sword atm) get the same treatment.

you can still get a stash tab of any of those single items without a single pet affix.

yepp, sure. It’s not a guarantee either way, it’s just about raising the probability. On a mace or sword there can roll exactly 2 magic prefixes and a single rare prefix, wich affect pets, on sceptre or dagger there can roll 11 different prefixes, wich affect pets. That gives you a significantly better chance, but of course you can still roll other affixes too and get unlucky for a while.

It’s worth noting that Bargoll’s Core will need to lose the CDR if it becomes a sceptre, which I’m kinda okay with. This is because there are green prefixes that give CDR. A lot of those are pet affixes though.

Oh, ty for sharing this information. I didn’t know that. But i’d be fine too with sacrificing the cdr in this particular case.

+1, good suggestion.