Pet Retaliation Conjurer with Phoenix Fire

Hi All,

Another experimental build.
I was busy arbing around the Devotions screen on GrimTools and noticed that Phoenix Fire can be bound to a pet.
So of course I immediately needed to make a build about that :smiley:

More for novelty’s sake but anyway here goes,
grimtools link:

Masteries and Skills:

  • of course Conjurer for more retaliation sources/effects
  • crank anything providing flat retaliation, % retaliation, and extra health
  • what’s left into Curse of Frailty / Wendigo Totem


  • Shepherd’s Crook, for decent bread-and-butter from early game
  • Staff of Rattosh + Bysmiel’s Bonds, I usually try to get at least 2 of the T2 pet Devotions in a pet build
  • Phoenix Fire, otherwise I’d have nothing to write about here, bound to Briarthorn
  • Dying God, for Chaos retaliation and all-round massive pet bonuses
  • Obelisk of Menhir, for the area proc

Current items are as per GT link.
Was considering the Beastcaller set for 2x Briarthorns but then realised that Phoenix Fire is 12s cooldown and only 7s uptime, so unlikely to have 2 flaming-feathered Briarthorns running around at the same time. That, and I’ve been wanting to try out Dread Armor of Azragor.
And, realised later that Stone Form was hardly proccing at all and so needed something to up the dismal block chance, hence the Sanctus Crest.
And for my birthday I would like a Dracarris to drop.

Playstyle is pretty standard. Send out invitations to all the mobs in Cairn, inform them that you’ve opened a new petting zoo, watch them explode on touch, help out with Curse of Frailty and Wendigo Totem, and basically walk behind the herd and pick up the loot. Occasionally wipe drool off of face.
(This approach worked until Crucible 170 when the screen was a big multi-coloured sh1t-storm and I couldn’t see what killed me.)

Anyway, there it is. Suggestions will be most welcome. There are probably much better choices/configurations out there, but the main idea was to get Phoenix Fire on a Briarthorn, dammit.

Why? Because it’s there :rofl: