Pet Solael-Sect Legguards

I don’t suppose anybody vastly more clever than me has figured out the odd’s of rolling a Taskmaster’s Solael-Sect Legguards of kings drop off of the second hidden path boss. feel like ive farmed him for like 15 hours straight and not even had pants drop with pet stats and nobody seems to have a pair to trade.

You want thunderstruck Bysmiel-Sect Legguards of caged souls or thunderstruck reaper’s Leggurds of caged souls.

I guess you can just ,you know-----farm until the next-expansion comes out:p:p:p:p:p

I checked Grim Tools and Taskmaster… Of Kings can spawn on pants. Still, both are rare affixes and you want them in a monster infrequent that’s not a guaranteed drop, so be prepared to farm forever.

If you really want those affixes you might try crafting.

I think epic Pants craft session is in the works thanks for the info