Pet support gear needs DA for the caster, not OA

Being a fan of summoning builds in almost any RPG, it’s frustrated me to find so much OA on items clearly aimed at pets. One example of this is the Bloodsworn Codex MI, which has neat buffs to Briarbutt, yet grants OA to the caster, who won’t need it. The caster rarely relies on their own crits to proc devotions, so OA is mostly useless for them. Simply changing the O to a D on all pet gear would help the summoner themself survive a bit better, while freeing up augment slots for resisrances and / or pet bonuses

Another more specific request, which i’m not sure whether i should create another topic for, is the Lost Souls set, which i am very fond of, but desperately needs some adjustments. Them cute little skelly bois are too brittle! Let’s infuse them with some calcium in the form of increased DA and HP on the full set. My favorite Cab will rejoice, as she is struggling even to complete the campain!

With sincere eldritch reverberations from the very heart of R’lyeh,


OA on pet items was useful for hybrid builds back in the day, but I haven’t seen one of those in a very long while, and my single attempt a few patches back failed miserably. Ofc this doesn’t mean viable hybrids don’t exist, so there might be a use for that OA after all.
As for switching OA to DA, my good ol’ double familiar conjurer got around 3k DA, if all OA on my pet items changed to DA I would get around 3.4k or even more which I feel isn’t really needed. But that’s just me, one random guy with only one pet build that doesn’t have much trouble surviving :man_shrugging:

While I want to +1 this, I kind of don’t think either have much of a chance of happening :frowning:

Pet builds are, and have been OP since the dawn of GD. No need for this. You can get plenty of DA without sacrificing the damage/health/etc. of the pets.

How did you make your Lost Souls Cab viable?

By going all in on Def and a lot of patience :stuck_out_tongue:

Can you be a little more specific? Pretty sure my girl already has Ravager’s Eye and Survivor ingenuity applied … perhaps some devo respec for caster DA would help?

No, no… I meant for the skeletons. Going all in on pet def.

Ah, i see. Which augs + devos would you recommend for that?

The same ones I used on mine :3 Skulls & Bones - Pet Cabalist

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