Pet Warlock - Dual Hellhound spammer (1.6 second recharge) - Ravager 1:58, Mog 5:38, easy peasy SR75 farmer (managed SR90 so far)

Link is in the OP… maybe a different device or browser would browse the site better? You’ll want access to Grimtools if you’re going to build. :slight_smile:

But, here you go:

That doesn’t tell them how many points you have in skills without the + to skills on them though.

OK. I finished up the build and it does everything you said it would do. It’s a great pet build. I constantly laugh at the dogs, they’re super aggressive, like they have rabies, and tear things up.

If I may, I’ll suggest things for other players, they need to follow the build as close as they can, and until they can equip the Lost Souls set they’re going to be a bit squishy and not get wildly aggressive. Malmouth and the Forgotten Gods areas have tons of enemies that bull rush you and hit hard. You can jump back and forth between difficulties if it seems safer.

As to equipment , I’d advise farming this item, Salazar’s Sovereign Blade with pet bonuses. They start at level 24 and go as high as levels 32, 52, 70, 84 and 94.

At level 60 you may also choose the 1 hand mace , Black Hand of Sanar’Siin, which has +2 to Hellhound.

At level 75 there is Veilpiercer, a Legendary that also has +2 to Hellhound.

And finally , a very, very useful set,at level 75, Unholy Covenant, that with 4 pieces gives +2 to Hellhound and Familiar, with 5 pieces also gives +2 to all skills for Occultist. These are fairly common items, but importantly the helm can be crafted if you have the blueprint. This should at least help your armor too.

Many thanks for posting this build, it’s really a fun one.

Edit, I forgot to mention if you use these items before you transition int the Lost Souls set, when you do upload your character into Grimtools, some of your skills will be overcapped when you change into the Lost Souls set, specifically + to Hellhounds. remove the excess points and put them into the final skills.


Happy you are enjoying it, like you said, the dogs are insane… they’re everywhere at once if you let them be, but… more fun to pop them. :slight_smile: Appreciate the additional guidance for easier leveling for those interested in trying the build, certainly there are options.

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My only problem was the rings, I had 1 and 3 blues in my stash. I had a fast character run the Oasis about 20 times and hit the 2d red ring which made a great difference.

Yea, I imagine this build needs full damage conversion from the rings to really shine, lots of conversion for the layers of flat from the auras. They are not the quickest to farm, but I see people trading for them in MP regularly.