Petrify disrupts Eye of Reckoning and force character to stop even though you still hold rmb

Hi everyone. I was playing with EoR these days and tested a few different damage types/characters etc. I also recall everyone complain about EoR stopping after aggro fix. I think I figured out the problem.

Other CC effects like stun&freeze won’t create the same situation with petrify. When you’re spamming/holding rmb and get freeze or stun you instantly keep swirling after durations over. Petrify animation make characters just not freeze but appear like a stone so somehow this affect the swirling animation and make you stop. The only solution is upholding your finger on rmb and rehold it.

Because of this effect caused by enemies, I can’t create the situation artificially and record it. That’s why I did create this thread as ‘‘gameplay discussion’’ instead of feedback. I want help from other veteran players to test this issue with GDstash(if it’s possible) and correct or falsify my observations so we can all be sure of it and then give feedback to devs.

Here is the video proof. Happens at 9-10 secs. I’m holding rmb if it start spinning again but it didn’t so I had to re-hold rmb to spin again.


as i recall from my own EoR builds recently there is one or more other instances of this where you have to “reboot” the EoR manaually, tho after moving my EoR skill to keyboard instead it has happened a lot less, but that might just be from having 2 buttons to spam/activate the skill :thinking:

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I noticed that on my multiple EoR tests. Sometimes build simply stopped spinning and holding right mouse button won’t do anything, unless you move your hand and click again. I haven’t pinpoint the problem, not sure if petrify is the only reason. :thinking:

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Well now I checked; Leafmanes, Slathsarr&other basilisks, Timewarped heroes and Keeper of the Seal are the ones that has petrify effects. Let me know if I overlooked some other species. Keeper of the Seal in Tomb of Heretic should not be hard to fight and record till it happens.

Added video to the op

Edit: Any other tests on the matter? I woulf appreciate if any modder/gdstasher test this in a controlled environment to make sure about the issue.

Cannot reproduce, so if there is an actual issue, the problem is not as simple as Petrify.

Hmm, a lot of player mentioned this problem but most of them usually ignore CC resist while building so it setted aside. But I tend to cap CC resist on my builds and I handled same building style while playing with EoR or other spinners so I’m pretty sure it’s not about just aggro of monsters and CC effects at the same time. I observed EoR under CC effects and characters keep spinning as long as you hold rmb after the duration ends. I figured how to avoid this while playing; you keep moving, like circling around the monster while spinning so constant movement prevents this to happen. Nevertheless some archetypes have static skills like Inquisitor Seal so constant movement does create another problem. Also in some situations, you have no place to move because of number of monsters and their size. I don’t know what causes it if it’s not petrify.