Pets and dying to ground effects and boss attacks

AS title, does this get…better? I never tried a pet build so I thought I’d level one. I’m finding Skeletons obnoxiously squishy. Like if there’s anything on the ground, they’re dead, and bosses or purple monsters…I’m Probably gonna have to run around in circles resummoning Skeletons.

Is this intentionally designed? And if so…WHY? It’s stupid, boring and tedious.

My limited experience with the expac content says there is a whole crap tons of ground effect damage, puddles, poison etc. Is this how it’s gonna be? If so, I’m out lol

Skeletons are getting quiet the rep for being high dps. But… no one is talking about how bloody squishy they are and how they can’t hack any sort of …well, damage.

I understand Blightfiend and Hellhound do damage on death /resummoning them and the cooldown is intentionally not too long so you can treat that as a AOE, but the Skeletons…god forbid there is anything o n the ground or boss does anything special, their dead. Really annoying.

Pets are immune to various environmental sources of damage.
I’m playing with them right now, at level 40 they melt bosses and don’t die much, at least not with 80% elemental resist that i made for pets.
And get more gear and devotions with +% hp too.

I didn’t mean environmental. I meant aether and poison special attacks puddles, pools etc. They pretty much delete skeles.

Skele’s are squishy until you get good +res% gears for pets and some good +health% gears and devotions.

This. There’s a reason so many high level items and devotions have pet resist instead of the expected useful pet boost. Back when people where just rolling rather high HP summons on the older quests, there was more leeway for lack of pet resist.

Skellies squishiness now makes a rather less useful Bonds of Bysmiel more valuable.

Thank you.