pets with ranged support - can it work?

As title.

Im in elite as a full pet spec at level 60 now and its slightly boring though effective to play.

I’d like to get more involved and I like the idea of dual wielding handguns to assist like a hunter all a WOW.

Is there any way to get around the aggro issue and deal enoug damage to afford the loss of several pets and/or pet strength from item stats in a build like this theoretically?

I seriously doubt it. As soon as you start doing some serious damage, you’ll have aggro on you and have your butt handed to you.

Ofc its possible, but not powerfull. Even in build i play right now: warden bleeder\summoner\sold defenses. Well i go melee so u can change a little bit, but is viable with ranged. Still i use shield for defense so shield+pistol. I dont wanna post entire build right now but in general summons from shaman + savagery + soldier shield passives + devotions for pet dmg/bleed dmg.

Sometimes i play with pistol when rare drop. But melee is better. Because u put wendigo totem close to yourself and your pet is healed too. Also when mobs agro on me my summon dont need to chase mobs - he is doing 100% damage.

Mayby try this build? Its fun to play because u have summons from shaman class (hellhound is less powerful than briar so no big loss). U are angaged in game running and killing with LMB. And playing with pistol is still fun and you are even safer with distance. Also it must look cool dual wielding with savagery (nice attack speed).

Sorry for english :stuck_out_tongue:

This is pretty much correct. Hybrid builds are never optimal, but they tend to be more unique and fun.

GD does actually encourage an active-style pet build with certain talents and devotions offering offensive bonuses to you as well as your pet.

I’ve played a pure conjurer summoner, and it did get old having to kite bosses, and doing so drops pet damage. I’ve moved on to other characters, but if I do another pet build, it will for sure be something hybrid.

ps. anything is viable as long as you set up your defenses properly.