Petwalker - Walking Simulator Budget Pet Conjurer

This build has been aces for me as of late. I will say, to make things easier for those who wanna know what your skill setup should look like WITHOUT items, I did this:

86 Physique
4 Cunning
17 Spirit


Summon Familiar 12/16 (Acid Spray)
Mend Flesh 1/16
Storm Spirit 9/12
Lightning Strike 12/12

Summon Hellhound 14/16 (Eldritch Fire)
Ember Claw 1/12
Hellfire 12/12
Infernal Breath 1/12

Bonds of Bysmiel 1/12 (Natures Guardian)
Manipulation 7/12

Blood of Dreeg 13/16
Aspect of the Guardian 9/12

Solael’s Witchfire 1/12 (Turtle Shell)
Consecrated Blade 3/3


Mogdrogen’s Pact 10/12 (Healing Rain)
Heart of the Wild 1/10
Oak Skin 2/10

Summon Briarthorn 16/16
Ground Slam 1/12
Emboldening Presence 10/12

Primal Bond 12/12

I wrote that for myself mostly, but I figured it could help people. This is again, prior to item skill bonuses being applied.

Also I am very curious what a Cabalist / Skellie “Lazy” build would look like. Having lots of skellemens could be fun, even if its not quite as hyper lazy as this bad boy.

EDIT: Fixed per reply (to the base for now)

Those skill point Values are incorrect.

Familiar is at 12/16 and Hellhound is at 14/16. Also note that depending on the affixes on MIs the amount of skill points that need to be invested on a particular skill can change.

*You can press Ctrl + Shift in Grimtools Skill window to see the points invested in each skill without the extra from items.

Lazy Skeleton build was tried but it did not live up to expectations.

So for those curious about this build: its phenomenal if you can only play one handed, and its cruising and crushing pretty much everything I am putting it up against! I am currently aiming to get the upgraded version linked up at the top cause I like it that much

Upgraded version?
The Grimtools link and save file linked are up-to-date.

Upgrade meaning an upgrade from the Petwalker to the Mnemosyne version lol

Added grimtools link for mnemosyne to the original post -

I’ll tentatively rate it “Valdaran still eats my pets” / 10

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yeah, pets are paper. The build relies on lack of player aggro and piloting to survive while pets slowly kill stuff.

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Thats a surprisingly “non-lazy” twist in a “lazy” build.

Is because of my self induced limitations like only faction or craftable stuff (with blueprint being farmable).
Adding in some greens or other pet items will solve it.

True lazy would still be the good old Fluffy Squishy even if you have multiple buttons to press.
Or, Ishtar if you want unkillable pets but it has aggro issues since you only have reap spirit.

Or… if you really hate dying, then -

Strangely enough, the one build that I like to play most atm is not even… looks around nervously… pets… but this - UwU – Player-Scaled-Pets Archon by Maya (assuming I dont have to climb SR)

so in that case, would pivoting to something like the fire conjurer on this forum be a better move? It’d allow me to grab pet resists from easy to grab gear (on base level), without changing much in terms of playing. Besides, I might get away with just Curse of Frailty/Vulnerability on the resist differences front.

Or I could try out (Beyond changing jewelry augments to rifthound salts) m grim harvest boots and hope for better bysmiel panties.

Feel free to try both :3
I never had issues with elemental res even on SR 90 as you can see here with Garbagelol, so I cant comment on that -

An initial try with nice grim harvest boots (I sold like four at this point) and the three rifthound salts did wonders for fighting Lokarr in a lazy (and safe) fashion. Dead pets dont draw aggro after all.

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Not even the worst offender. Rutnik on sr35 ate briarthorns in 1 salvo so hard i was getting korvaak flashbacks.

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I wanted to see for myself how bad it was since I thought maybe the new patch buffed superbosses as well. Not sure what we are doing differently, but it was semi-afk level easy for me even with low pet elemental resistance (the 30% is from Storm Spirit which Grimtools does not show).

Me not sure either, maybe my expectations were just too high. Safety was not a real issue as hellhound’s inbuilt resists did a fantastic job. The briar died too quickly for me mainly.

Yeah, I am used to throwing away pets like cannon fodder as long as it gets the job done :yum:

Other thing I had is how, by ultimate sr50, it was slow on timer (it felt like the run of 50-51 took 15-20 mins) and I had taskmaster bysmiels panties, and some nice puppetmaster links too (And 3x rifthound salts, but no drugs) I dont know how much damage my defensive adjustments cost me, or what this build is supposed to farm comfortably, maybe 60 or 75 elite, but it was also disappointing, although seeing how a drugged run was used for sr75, I’m not that surprised. I have never been this far before, and its undeniably thanks to this build, but yeah I wish I could do it quicker / higher because the loot shower is beautiful.