Phys DW Spin2winners critique/suggestions welcome

Seeing how Warborn Eor warlord was so OP I wanted to try using some other classes as they seemed better than warlord. After looking at the Raging Phallus build guide I guess maybe not but I think they are still almost on the same level.

DW Phys Warborn EoR Oppressor
Was just testing to see how good bone harvests damage would be those points could be used for mark of torment otherwise. This build’s attack speed seems a bit less but goes up with procs.

DW Phys Warborn EoR Sentinel
Better attack speed but no option for mark of torment and no good proc for ulzaad other than vire’s might.

On the devotion setup, I really wanted to take Oleron cos the proc feels so good and contributes quite a bit to the damage. Azrakaa is another viable option too. Also the new buff to Scales is awesome and it helps with energy regen and sustain(haven’t tried the pet or skeletons yet but def want to).

I am not too great at building and min-maxing but I feel that these could potentially be as good as if not stronger than warlord. Hopefully someone more skilled at the game will be able to. They are all still very good after the patch (though maybe not as broken as before).

Dude Warlord EoR was epic previous patch!Sir Spanksalot manage to reach 7.10 Crucible time without buffs and banners:rolleyes:

I have doubts it will work that well because of the armour bug. Multiple small sources of phys damage get independently reduced by armour.

Any source of phys around 100 flat or less will get reduced to 30% of it’s value. So warborn gavel adds 7.2 flat rather than 24.

Maybe I am wrong but from my experience it might look good on paper but can easily suck in reality. I tried beronath reforged fire strike once and it really didn’t work :cry:

Edit: apparently it works well somehow. I guess the high phys rr has something to do with it.

I don’t understand why they touched the EoR skill itself or sets other than Cyclone. Seemed like it was the only one over performing, mainly attributed to the set itself but also in part because many other non-set items had amazing synergy with it which other non-cyclone builds lack.

I am talking about Warborn set,which was match for Cyclon.I tried pierce and cold version and they both are average at best.Chaos is not very impressive and vitality is the worst,even with double RR.Idk about fire.

Warborn was (is?) probably the second best option for EoR but I didn’t feel like it over performed and every other build not utilizing these two sets seemed to be really lacklustre. So even if Warborn could be considered a bit overtuned, I see no reason to touch the EoR skill itself instead of ‘balancing’ the offending sets.