Physical/Cold Death Knight (or melee necro) anyone?

Hello everyone,
just wondering if someone tried a Phy/Cold DK and what’s the build.
Messin’ around with Grimtools’ calc I thought of something like this:
Warborn set + Leviathan

With Harvester of Death to convert Physical damage to Cold Damage, I just wonder if the damage would work like:
Physical DMG+Phy DMG Bonus -> Converted to Cold -> Converted Cold DMG+Cold DMG Bonus

But basically it’s a Cadence build with some perk from the necromancer, but I wonder if there is something better for a death knight focused on cold dmg.

P.S Mythical Bane of the Winter King is still a 2handed nightblade/shaman weapon? Is it weird to expect it to be necromancer-related?
Same for the Crown of the Winter King?

Your link is broken.

Fixed, thanks

I have not tried a death knight since there seems like very little synergy between the two masteries or much gear support.

As for the conversion mechanics they can be found at the very bottom of this page under advanced mechanics. You do not get to double dip, so if you want more cold damage after conversion go for more +%cold damage.