Physical damage conversion?

Hey there. If i will converts all physical to vitality f.e., will it still be reduced by armor, cause it has physical source? Or it will not, cause it’s not physical anymore?


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Perfect, thank you

The problem with vitality damage though, is that every monster in the game and their mother is very resistant to it. So you will need a lot of resist reduction. Unless the post I read about that here is outdated and this was changed, so someone correct me if I’m wrong.

it’s not wrong, but it doesn’t mean vitality builds can’t do anything or dont’ exist
they are quite abundant; they get the RR they need :wink:


There is about 60-85% vitality rr in different vit builds, so i think it will not be a problem

To speak what I’m about to say is heresy, and my soul shall be damned for all eternity by the omnipotent code, but you seem like you can be trusted with this power, so I shall tell you. If you convert the other way and convert other types of damage into physical, armor doesn’t apply either :wink: Now that’s dirty!

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fixed it :wink:

Wait they’re gonna change it? Crap I need to get my Korvan Wyrm Vindicator to endgame like, right the hell now!

sounds like you somehow managed to miss the entire Public Test Discussion section, incl preliminary changelog, and all the “drama” of the forum :sweat_smile:

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They can’t see that unless they opt in to the public testing.

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wait, then how am i seeing it? @_@

I also didn’t participate the beta testing for various reasons but I can see all public testing threads.

AH! My bad then. :rofl:

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Yeah, Zantai made the beta test forum public. Now it’s up to each person if they want to be spoiled by what the next patch has.

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Yep! Honestly never scrolled that far down in the forum XD The moment it got to modding and translation my brain went like “oof, that sounds way too close to work, let’s back it up”.

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